These M&M's Vanilla Ice Cream Cups Will Remind You Of A McFlurry

Don't get me wrong — I love summer more than any other season. But, there is definitely no denying that my sweet tooth loves it even more than I do. Between candy-laden milkshakes, fruit-filled popsicles, and — most importantly all different kinds of ice cream, the warmest season offers so many delicious (and sugary) frozen treats. That's precisely why I'm so stoked for MARS Ice Cream's latest and greatest product: M&M's Vanilla Ice Cream Fun Cups. If you haven't already tried it for yourself, here's where to get M&M's Vanilla Ice Cream Fun Cups. Your tastebuds will thank me later.

For the most part, you probably consume M&M's in the form of the original brightly colored candies, because the chocolate delicacies have basically been around forever. But now, the brand has "summer-fied" the melty morsels by offering them in the form of Vanilla Ice Cream Fun Cups. According to MARS Ice Cream, each individual cup is filled to the brim with sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream. All of that is swirled with rich chocolate and finished off with a healthy helping of M&M'S Minis Candy... you know, kind of like an M&M McFlurry.

If you're interested in buying for a bag of the individually-wrapped treats for yourself, they retail for $6.57 each, and each bag comes packed with a total of 10 single-serve Ice Cream Cups, according to MARS Ice Cream. You can find them exclusively in select Walmart stores and on, so I guess that means you'll have to save your highly-anticipated Target run for later.

Courtesy Of MARS Ice Cream

Each cup features a different M&M from the classic characters of the M&M's lineup. There's the Blue M&M, for example...

Courtesy Of MARS Ice Cream

... And the Green M&M's flavor, who is obviously my favorite one of the bunch. She's constantly delivering grade-A sass.

Courtesy Of MARS Ice Cream

Then, there's the eternally worried Orange M&M...

Courtesy Of MARS Ice Cream

And — last but not least — we have the classic Red M&M. The Red M&M will always remind me of Danny DeVito, thanks to that seriously absurd 2018 Super Bowl commercial.

Courtesy Of MARS Ice Cream

Anyway, like I said, M&M's Vanilla Ice Cream Fun Cups are exclusive to Walmart through the end of the 2019 calendar year, according to Mars Ice Cream. They officially launched at the end of April, but I didn't know of them until the beginning of July, when food Instagram account @threesnackateers discovered them in Walmart's freezer isle. Ever since I saw that delectable post in my IG feed, I've been craving them nonstop. TBH, I could go for one of these babies right about now.

It seems as though 2019 has been a good year for M&Ms. Back in March, for example, MARS released a new variation of the chocolate candies, which are filled with chocolate-hazelnut spread, so they basically taste like they're filled with Nutella. They're incredibly rich and never fail to make me feel like the classy kween I am. For real — before the weather was too hot to eat M&M's on their own, Chocolate-Hazelnut M&M's were game-changing.

While you won't be able to snag these sweet frozen morsels from any old grocery store, the ice cream truck, or your local grocery store, M&M's Vanilla Ice Cream Fun Cups are definitely the colorful summer treats that I need more of in my life. Whether I'm headed to the beach or going to a picnic, you can bet I'll have these on hand, thanks to a quick Walmart run. Remember — there's no such thing as too much chocolate.