Dove's New White Chocolate Carrot Cake Candies Are Filled With Graham Cracker Crisps

Contrary to belief, springtime is on its way. Yes, it's still freezing in some portions of the country (sigh), but that doesn't mean sunshine and Easter aren't right around the corner. In fact, Easter is a little over one month away, which means it's time to start stocking up on seasonal goodies. I don't know about you, but I'm really excited about Dove's White Chocolate Carrot Cake candies. They combine two of my favorite desserts, which means I must try them. If you agree, you're probably wondering where to get Dove's White Chocolate Carrot Cake Easter treats. Thankfully, one of your go-to stores is carrying the goods.

That "go-to" store I'm talking about is Target, of course. In fact, Dove's White Chocolate Carrot Cake selection is a Target exclusive, which means you can only buy it there. Yes, that means your Target shopping trips are about to be prolonged even more, because you'll definitely want to stock up on these carrot cake-flavored treats. Since they're seasonal (and here just in time for Easter), I'd grab 'em sooner than later. According to Target, they'll be available for Easter, while supplies last.


Before you head to your local Target on pursuit of the chocolates, you're probably wondering how much one package of them will cost. Thankfully, they're pretty cheap. According to Target, you can buy a 7.94-ounce bag for $3.99. With that being said, you'll be able to score ton of festive chocolates wrapped in springtime foils for under $5. I'm definitely down for a bag.

Now that you know where to find these goodies (and how much they cost), you might be curious about how they taste. Unfortunately, I haven't tried them yet — but based off of Target's online product description, I'm going to assume that the name says it all. According to the retailer, each "white chocolate carrot cake candy" is filled with graham cracker crisps (YUM). Between the carrot cake flavor and the graham cracker pieces, I can imagine that each chocolate tastes like a slice of actual carrot cake.

As I previously mentioned, each chocolate is wrapped with festive foils that were inspired by spring. Based off of the product's packaging, it looks like the foils come in three colors (yellow, green, and pink). Some of them have bunny ears on them, and some of them are decorated with carrots or cacti. TBH, I think they're all adorable.

If you're craving even more chocolate, you can check out a few additional Target Easter exclusives. In honor of the upcoming holiday, the store is also carrying White Chocolate Marshmallow M&M's (which are literally made with marshmallow flavor), Cadbury Shimmer Egg Boxes, Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate Tulips, and more. To look through Target's Easter candy collection, click here.

If you're someone who loves chocolate and carrot cake (like me), I'd highly suggest opting for Dove's White Chocolate Carrot Cake candies. They seem perfect for springtime snacking, whether it's time for dessert or not.