Here's where to find Snapchat's astrology charts to see your compatibility.

Snapchat's New Super Detailed Astrology Features Dive Deep Into Your Sign & Friendships


Snapchat's latest feature is written in the stars — well, kinda. The app recently launched new astrological features, and there is so much you can do with them. Once you know where to find Snapchat’s astrology charts, you can get a deep dive into your own sign and how compatible it is with your Snapchat friends. The new astrological profiles are seriously detailed and will help you stay connected (or reconnect) with your friends beyond your latest Snap streak.

Inspired by the findings in Snapchat’s annual 2020 Friendship Report, the new astrological features began rolling out on Snapchat on Thursday, Nov. 12. In Snapchat's annual 2020 Friendship Report, which was a global study interviewing 30,000 people across 16 countries, Snapchat found that 31% of interviewees felt that social distancing has led to their relationships with friends starting to fade. Since Snapchat is already a place where friends check in on one another, the social media company decided to up the ante with new astrological features.

To access your detailed astrological profile, you'll have to enter your birth date, time of birth, and place of birth, so make sure you have that info when you go to check it out. To see how your sign meshes with your friends' signs, they'll also have to have an astrological profile filled out with the same information. Once it's in, you'll be able to explore a personal reading and a detailed compatibility reading across 10 planetary dimensions in an easy-to-read Stories format.

Since each of the astrological features function like a Story, so you can tap through and share them in a chat.

How To Find Your Astrological Profile On Snapchat:

  1. Open Snapchat and tap on your Bitmoji icon at the top left side of the main camera screen to head to your profile.
  2. Look for the purple icon with your astrological sun sign next to your username.
  3. Tap on your purple sign and enter your birth information, including your birth date, time, and location.
  4. After entering your info, you’ll see 11 personalized Snaps in your astrological profile like a Story, based on the eight planets, sun, and moon, as well as a summary of your dominant characteristics at the end. You can swipe up in each Snap for more detailed information.
Courtesy of Snapchat

How To Find Snapchat's Astrological Compatibility Charts:

  1. Go to your friends’ Friendship Profile by swiping right from the camera screen and tapping on their Bitmoji. You can also access this if you have a recent chat thread with the friend.
  2. From there, tap their astrological sign next to their username.
  3. Then, you can choose to look at their personal astrological profile or your astrological compatibility.

A compatibility reading showcases 10 Snaps with six different Aspects: Attraction, Intensity, Growth, Similarity, Support, and Harmony —some will show up more than once — as well as a Compatibility Summary Snap.

If you don’t see your compatibility or your friend’s personal astrology chart, there's a chance they haven’t opted into the astrology features yet. But if you can't find your chart or anyone else's, you should try updating the app.


For a preview of what you might see, Elite Daily editor Collette Reitz was able to test out the new feature, and in one Growth Snap, it was specified as "Growth — Square between My Rising, Their Sun," along with exact positioning: "Rising — 14° Cancer; Sun — 7° Libra." The reading focused on a surface level similarity that differs as you dig deeper: "Your temperaments may be quite similar, yet at a deeper level there may be a crucial difference of opinion that forms small cracks in your foundation and causes disagreements to surface." But it also ended with helpful advice: "Try not to force your ways of thinking onto each other."

TBH, you may dive deep into conversation with all your friends you check compatibility with because there is so much to digest. But, hey, what better way to connect than working on your friendships?