Here's Where To Download Jack's Song From The 'This Is Us' Season 4 Premiere

by Ani Bundel

Music is an integral part of This is Us. For instance, the show cast actress and pop star Mandy Moore as Rebecca. It needed the Pearson family matriarch to sing well enough it was believable she might have made it in the business. Music has also been a huge part of Kate's life, as her self-doubt prevented her from chasing that same dream her mother once had. Now, the show has a new character who does make it big, with his single, "Memorized." It's also available in the real world. Here's where to download Jack's song "Memorized," if, like me, you can't get it out of your head. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

"Memorized" is sung by Jack Damon, who finally made it to a rock star level career. Kate and Toby's adult son was introduced to This Is Us fans in the premiere as all of the Pearson traits rolled into one. He has Kevin's good looks, Kate and Rebecca's music talents, Randall's anxiety, and Jack Pearson's charm and romanticism. He also has at least one hit single, which the premiere showed him writing after meeting his future wife, Lucy.

The song was released as the This Is Us Season 4 soundtrack, and sung by the actor who plays Jack Damon, Blake Stadnik.

Fans probably haven't heard of Blake Stadnik prior to the Season 4 premiere. The musical theater actor, who, like his character is legally blind, is a newcomer to television. As series creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly:

It was important to us to not cast a sighted actor here. It was also very important to us that we have somebody who can hold the screen and sing, and Blake just checked a tremendous amount of boxes. I found myself increasingly proud of him.

As for the concert footage, that was apparently done in a single five-minute segment, where Stadnik nailed it right out of the box.

We shot the entire concert scene in about five minutes during an intermission at the Greek [Theatre, in Los Angeles], where we got the audience to stay in their seats. He had to go out there on his own, and he got one and a half takes through the song.

Stadnik did so well, fans are going to see more of grown-up Jack than the show initially planned, though not until the back half of the season. According to Vulture, Fogelman said going that far in the future (2044 or thereabouts) can be challenging, since one can't guess at where technology will be. But everyone "fell so in love" with Stadnik, that it was a case of "parts get[ting] even bigger than what you were planning on making them."

The music and lyrics for "Memorized" are a co-write between the This Is Us Emmy-nominated composer, Siddhartha Khosla, who collaborated with the lead singer of the rock band, Dawes, Taylor Goldsmith. Goldsmith also just happens to be Mandy Moore's husband. As with everything, This Is Us manages to make it a family affair.

"Memorized" is available via the This Is Us Season 4 soundtrack, and downloadable now.