Here's What Your Favorite Cat Breed Reveals About Your Personality

by Caroline Burke

Every once in a while, you might come home from an especially hellish day of trying and failing to accomplish the bare minimum, only to be faced with an empty, silent apartment. Sure, pets might not solve the big problems in your life, but they can definitely help with that lonely, icky feeling of a lingering bad day, and what pet will work to ease your loneliness better and with less maintenance than a cat? Finding out what your favorite cat breed says about your personality will kill two birds with one stone: It allows for some much-needed introspection, and it also clarifies whether or not it's actually a good idea to head down to the shelter next weekend.

This may be surprising to some people that there are so many varied and exquisite breeds of cats, just like dogs, but it's true: There's a style of cat for every person on the planet, from the ridiculously luxurious to the low-key camping lifestyle, which is why it's probably likely that you're projecting some type of fantasy or personal characteristic onto your dream cat.

Whether you're all about the frills, or more into a night spent cuddling in bed, there's no doubt that a miniature purring machine would improve your evening. Here are what five different types of cats might say about your personality, if you love them.

If You Love Maine Coon Cats

If you love a massive, miniature lion, otherwise known as the Maine Coon cat, then you're definitely not afraid of adventure. Maine Coon cats are bigger than a lot of dogs, and are one of the oldest breeds in America, so you might be big on tradition and heritage if your greatest dream is to have one of these fluffs prowling around your house.

These cats are all about making a statement, and so are you. Your motto might as well be, "go big, or go home," and you're certainly not going home.

If Scottish Folds Make Your Heart Melt
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If you love Scottish Folds, then you're either a) a diehard Taylor Swift fan, b) a big believer in things that defy the laws of physics, or c) all of the above. Scottish Folds have a particular absence of cartilage that allows them to slouch, slump, and slink around as if they are literally boneless.

If you love Folds, then you're a big fan of making an entrance, you love things with a "wow" factor, and you're also not afraid of a little controversy: Scottish Folds still haven't been recognized by the American Kennel Club as a legitimate breed of cat, so yeah, you're a rebel.

If Bengal Cats Are Your Absolute Favorite

If you take a page out of the Kardashian book and idolize the ever-elusive and luxurious-looking Bengal cat, then you're not afraid of a splurge. Bengal cats can cost up to $10,000, and that doesn't even account for all that kitty litter you'll be buying.

You undoubtedly love to be flashy, and you've never been a fan of fitting in. Your dream car to pick up your new spotted kitty would probably be one that has those doors that open like wings on the side. You're extra AF, and you like it that way.

If Sphynx Cats Make You Gush

If you're not absolutely terrified by the idea of a hairless cat, and you're a fan of things that are an intellectual challenge, then you definitely love the Sphynx cat. You're the type of person who argues at a dinner party over why pets have to be furry in order to be considered cute, and you don't accept that the status quo is rigid on this subject.

You like to challenge societal norms, and you're confident that you and your hairless kitty will probably take over the world — once you get your new, not-so-furry friend a coat to stay warm, that is.

If You Want To Snuggle With Persians

A Persian cat is essentially an abundance of fluff in every direction, so if this is your favorite type of cat, then you're all about that hygge lifestyle. After all, why do anything if it's not going to create a cozy, comfy experience?

Persian cats are all about soft, gentle interactions, so you're probably the type of person who loves to curl up with a book and nap the Sunday afternoon away.