Here's What The Members Of Fifth Harmony Have Been Up To Since Their Breakup

by Jamie LeeLo
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Fifth Harmony die-hard fans don't need me to tell them the girls are all killing it as solo artists since their split, but the run-of-the-mill millennial might not be totally up-to-speed on all of their individual success. Since the group officially called it quits in May 2018, all of the girls have embarked on their own solo projects to rave reviews. Of course, Camila Cabello set the tone when she broke off first in December 2016, and it looks like the other girls might have simultaneously and/or subconsciously thought, "Hey! I could do that, too." Six years after Fifth Harmony was brought on X Factor: U.S., here's what the members of Fifth Harmony have been up to — killing it.

One thing I want to make incredibly clear is the girls are still young. Like, young, young. They range in age from 21 to 25 today, but that means they were ages 15 to 19 when they first got together in 2012. (Isn't that so wild to think about now?) In fact, young fans today might not even realize the group formed thanks to the show X Factor: U.S. They all auditioned on the singing competition as solo performers but were ultimately put together as a group to compete (much like One Direction was on X Factor: UK). For this reason, venturing off into their own independent paths probably doesn't feel too strange to them. Here's a look at where they're at now.

Camila Cabello

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You know her. You love her. She's killing it. Camila Cabello was the first Fifth Harmony member to venture out on her own into a solo career, and boy, did it pay off. With hits like "Havana" and "Never Be The Same," Cabello danced at the top of the music charts in 2018 and continues to pump out great music to her soaring fanbase. She also won Artist of the Year at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards and just snagged two 2019 Grammy nominations for Pop Vocal Album and Pop Solo Performance. NBD.


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When the group split, Normani jumped into a new, awesome collaboration with Khalid on the song "Love Lies." She also told Beats 1 crew on Apple Music a full-length album is in the works.

"I’m the beginning stages, still," she said. "I’ve gotten the chance to work with The Stereotypes, I’m going to be in with the Monsters and the Strangerz, Sarah Aarons, Sailor Heart, Victoria Monét, Ester [Dean] — I’m getting in with her very soon, too, so I’m excited." Teen Vogue also reports she signed a modeling deal with Wilhelmina.

P.S. If you haven't checked out the "Love Lies" music video, please let me direct you to it. That sh*t is sexy.

Ally Brooke

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Member Ally Brooke stuck with Fifth Harmony's manager, Larry Rudolph, and signed with Maverick/ReignDeer Entertainment. She released a single called "Perfect" with Topic. It's a smooth little beat (and she rocks a seriously awesome bob in the music video, just saying).

Ally Brooke revealed to Elite Daily that she's hard at work on her solo album and we can expect new music before 2018 ends, so get hype!

Lauren Jauregui

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Meanwhile, Lauren Jauregui went and signed with Columbia records and wrote her own sultry hit titled "Expectations." On Tuesday, Dec. 5, Jauregui tweeted that the song had 15 million global streams since its release one month prior. She also promised fans this is "only the beginning" and she can't wait for the upcoming New Year.

Catch the music video below!

Dinah Jane

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Oh, you think Dinah Jane is going to be left out of the "let's all make epic hits now" party? Think again. Ms. Jane popped by 101.3 KDWB's Jingle Ball on Monday, Dec. 3, where she performed two new tracks called "Retrograde" and "I Don't Mind." Fans soaked that sh*t up just as quickly as they did her other hit, "Bottled Up," which currently stands with over 7 million views on YouTube since its release in November. Obviously, she is busy building her own solo career, too.

All of this to say, Fifth Harmony breaking up wasn't the worst thing that happened to any of its members. Clearly, the girls' time together was incredibly formative and will prove to be a strong foundation to their blooming solo careers.

Looks like they've gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, etc.

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