What Henry Golding's Zodiac Sign Says About Him As A Partner Will Make You Actually Squeal

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If you've seen Crazy Rich Asians — or, you know, have eyes —you probably have a pretty intense crush on its star, Henry Golding. Because, let's be honest, the dude is dreamy. If it seems like he came out of nowhere to snatch your heart, it's because he kind of did. His role as Nick Young was actually his first acting gig, although it clearly won't be his last. So, what do we know about this newcomer? Thankfully, Henry Golding's zodiac sign can tell us a lot about his inner-dynamics and how he is as a person. It can also tell us about what he's like as a partner in romantic relationships, and, you guys? It's juicy.

Golding was born on Feb. 5, which makes him an Aquarius — one of the most unique signs in the zodiac. They're notorious for being highly independent, rebellious, humanitarian, and honestly, a bit detached. What does that translate into as a partner? Well, it takes a confident, clever, and independent person to love and be loved by the Water Bearer, which is why Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius are the signs most compatible with them. While it's not always easy to be in a relationship with this eccentric sign, it's totally worth the effort — especially when that Aquarian is as hot as Golding. With that in mind, here's what we can infer about Golding, based on his zodiac sign.

Aquarius tends to show, not tell, in relationships.

If you're someone whose love language is affirmation, then Aquarius is not for you, because the Water Bearer is all about showing, not talking about, what’s in their hearts. They just don’t feel comfortable talking about their feelings. This means they can sometimes come off as aloof, but don’t let that fool you. Aquarius is a water sign, and as such, actually feels emotions very deeply. The good news is that while initially they can seem closed off, as the relationship evolves and they become more comfortable, they also become more confident sharing what's in their heart. One thing to watch out for is that as much as they struggle with words, they can easily be wounded by them. Aquarius is a sensitive soul that takes criticism to heart.

They’re highly independent and unique.

There is no question that Aquarians dance to the beat of their own drum. It's because they're true rebels at heart — bold and nonconforming. This can be incredibly alluring or off-putting, depending on how you feel about unpredictability. For folks who want to date someone steady and secure, Aquarians can be intimidating. However, if excitement is what you crave, then the Water Bearer will be impossible to resist. They're also very independent and need a lot of space, so clingy folks need not apply.

They’re extremely trustworthy — once they commit.
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Can you trust the Aquarian you're dating? Yes and no — or more accurately: No, and then yes. When you first start dating an Aquarius, try to keep your expectations realistic. They don't rush into commitments and could possibly be dating around. Plus, they don’t love confrontation, so they're infamous for ghosting. However, once you've both committed, you can count on their loyalty 100 percent. This is because Aquarius won't settle for a relationship just for a relationship’s sake. In order for them to DTR, they really need to believe you have a very real possibility of being the one. If they're in it, they're in it all the way, so you're safe to trust them with your heart.

They're a freak in the sheets.

This is a sign with a strong sex drive, and not only are they always down to get down, but they like to keep things exciting by experimenting and exploring. When it comes to the bedroom, they can appreciate something a little unconventional. They're rebellious lovers who aren't afraid to get a little freaky, so basically, they're usually more than happy to try new things with you. Being edgy and sexually subversive are huge turn-ons for Aquarius, so there is never a dull moment with the Water Bearer. I guess what I'm saying is: His wife Liv Lo is one lucky, lucky lady.

These are just some of the ways that Aquarians make the work it takes to be with them at first totally worth the effort. It also doesn't hurt when they look like Golding. Just sayin’.

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