The Relationship Red Flag That You Shouldn't Ignore, According To Your Sign

I wish first dates were a little more like the first day of school — when you would throw on your best outfit, slap on a confident smile, and perhaps most importantly, were given a handbook that outlines exactly what you were about to get into. But unlike forbidden school regulations, relationship red flags aren't spelled out in big, bold letters: They remain hidden between the lines, left for each individual to decipher.

Red flags can come in many forms. Sometimes, the dissonance is behavioral: Perhaps you're a total neat freak, but the person you're dating takes no issue with leaving dirty dishes in the sink for days at a time. Or maybe, it's rooted in a deeper discord: mismatched personalities that just don't compliment each other. For example, I'm overly emotional — anything from a man walking down the street with a bouquet to a dramatic television sequence can send me into a flurry of tears. I don't need the full picture or story; my mind always fills in the blanks in the most romantic way possible. So, one of my major red flags has always been when a potential partner grows visibly uncomfortable around displays of emotion. It's a surefire sign that things most likely won't work out.

"All of us has the potential to attract the wrong person," Astrologer Linda Furiate tells Elite Daily. "Although our Sun sign speaks volumes about our personality, it is the planet Venus in our chart and what sign on our seventh house cusp that may allow us to attract our fair share of red flag relationships."

Here's the relationship red flag each sign should always look out for — so next time you're on a date, you don't get blindsided.

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Aries are very action-oriented, and may accidentally fall for a partner who appears to be able to keep up, but according to Furiate, this person may actually have very little time or patience for such a fast-paced lifestyle.

"Action, action, action — that’s what Aries is all about," Astrologer Jess Domain from, tells Elite Daily. "When you start dating someone, and they’re active at first, but then quickly turn complacent, you might have a couch potato on your hands."

If the person you're dating starts canceling weekend activities, and opting for hitting the hay over date night, and that bothers you, it might be time to call it quits.

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Taureans may think they've attracted a level-headed and patient mate, but Furiate warns that in time, their partner may become bored with their strong need for security.

"A perfect evening for a Taurus usually involves time at home," Domain days. "If you’ve met a party animal who wants to stay out every night of the week, it might be fun at first, but you probably won’t have too much in common once you’re over it."

If your new partner keeps forcing you out of the house when you'd rather spend a night in, getting some well-deserved sleep — it's time to call a spade a spade.

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Geminis may seek out a partner who is always on the go and enjoying life. Unfortunately, Furiate says that Gemini's cleverness and energy might drive them to boredom.

"Geminis love anything that gets your mind stimulated," Domain says. "If you start dating someone, and realize that they aren’t an intellectual match to you, take that as a red flag that this is not your boo."

If your partner can't keep up, it might be time to go out and find someone who can keep your brain stimulated — among other things.

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Cancers typically have a hard time letting go, and may sometimes, according to Furiate, become too close for comfort.

"Cancers love to get deep and emotional," Domain says. "If you start dating someone that’s emotionally unavailable, and unable to talk about their feelings at a deep level, take that as a clear sign that this is not the person for you."

Find somebody that you can open up with, not be closed off from.

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Leos like to be seen. Furiate suggests that can mean thriving off of attention, and other people's energy — not recharging alone at home,

"As a fire sign, Leo likes to be out and about in public," Domain says. "If you start dating someone who’s a homebody you’ll probably get bored really quickly."

If your partner won't stop suggesting Netflix and chill as a Saturday night option, it might be time to nip it in the bud.

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Virgos value attention to detail, says Furiate. They have the tendency to nitpick everything when they aren't content. Although their criticism might have the potential to cut into a partner's self-esteem, it is always carried out with the best of intentions.

"Virgo, you may love to organize your life and everybody else’s, but you always do it out of love," Domain says. "If you catch on that your new dating prospect is unwilling to go along with your plans, take that as a red flag."

If the person you're seeing snaps after a single suggestion, it's possible you two just aren't compatible.

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Libras absolutely love love, Furiate says, which can cause them to prematurely rush into the relationship. If things are moving too fast, take a deep breath and step back.

"Your loving and creative sign is always having a hard time making decisions," Domain says. "If you have a potential partner that seems to waiver a lot as well, this should be a red flag."

If neither partner in a relationship has the ability to remain objective level-headed, or take initiative when it comes to making plans and big decisions about their future, things have a way of getting out of hand!

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Furiate warns that Scorpios are prone to losing their temper, especially when they feel they are being mistreated.

"You are the sign that love secrets, but only when they’re yours," Domain says. "If you’ve got a partner that’s hiding things from you, the red flags will probably come out quickly because your sixth sense will let you know right away."

If the person you're dating is acting shady, kick them to the curb before their secrets kick you in the you-know-what.

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According to Furiate, Sagittarians need their own space to explore. If they aren't given that space, and start to feel bogged down or contained in anyway, it may cause them to panic.

"Sagittarius really appreciates their friendships," Domain says. "If your potential partner is jealous of your the time you spend with you friends run away as fast as you can."

If the person you're dating wants to be with you 24/7, and that's far more than you're comfortable with, it's probably time to cut them loose.

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Capricorns are ambitious in nature, Furiate explains. This may lead to a lack of sensitivity when it comes to understanding that their partner still needs hug every now and then.

"You always want to present your best, and you set high standards for the company you keep as well," Domain says. "If your potential partner making you feel small, they don’t have your best interest in mind."

While it's true that sometimes it helps to take a step back and be more attentive to those around you, if the person you're seeing feels personally targeted by your go-getter personality, they're probably not the right fit.

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Furiate warns that Aquarians can go days without texting or calling, because they're off doing own thing. When too many questions are being asked of them, an Aquarian can feel cornered.

"You’re known for being creative and charming, but often aloof," Domain says. "When you partner up with someone, you need that person to embrace your uniqueness. If you catch them being judgmental, that’s a big red flag!"

If you're a free spirit at heart, it helps to date someone who understands and embraces your true nature.

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Pisces are very lovable, but Furiate's concern is that they may easily become co-dependent. This could lead them to become fiercely loyal, and blind to their partner's potentially dangerous traits.

"Your loving and very generous side is always extended to the people you choose to spend time with," Domain says. "So when you think you’ve met that one, be hyper-aware of how they treat others."

If you always treat people with courtesy and respect, find someone who will treat you — and others — the same!

Remember that red flags can change from person to person, and that your sign in no way determines that your relationship is destined to fail! As long as you trust and respect your date, and feel you're receiving the same in return, you're giving a future relationship a fair shot.

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