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Here’s The Outdoor Date Idea For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, singles everywhere have had to get creative when it comes to planning dates. Observing social distancing means that more and more people are deciding to spend time getting to know each other outdoors. If you've been wondering what the best outdoor date for your zodiac sign is, here are some ideas to get you started.


As one of the highest energy signs in the zodiac, ram's are at their best and most cheerful when they're doing something action-oriented and adventurous. Going on a scenic hike is a great way to see if your date can keep up with your go-go-go mindset.


As the resident diva of the zodiac, Leo loves nothing more than an excuse to put on a show. If you're a distinguished lion eager to show off your magnetic charisma, consider planning an outdoor karaoke night in your backyard.


Cancers are about as hopelessly romantic as they come, and they crave depth in their relationships. If things are heating up with a special someone, consider going on a sunset (or sunrise, if that's your thing) boat ride.


I think it's safe to assume that there's nowhere a whimsical and creative fish would rather be than in the sea. If you're a Pisces, opting for a beach date won't disappoint. Being near the water will bring out your most intuitive, grounded, and confident self, as you'll be in your element.


Depth, intensity, and mystery are all characteristics that make Scorpios so effortlessly alluring. Stargazing is the perfect way to play-up these qualities in a romantic and setting.


Taurians are almost always up for something spontaneous and fun. If you're into the idea of getting your sweat on, rock climbing is an athletic date idea that will ensure your sporty energy shines.

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Sagittarians love adventure and are always up for trying something new. Kayaking is a fun, engaging, and unique date idea that will present the perfect opportunity to bond.


As the sign of the twins, Gemini is constantly balancing the duality of their personality. To satisfy both sides of yourself, consider going for an evening walk (with some low key wine to-go) and finding a secluded area in the park to slow dance.


Virgos love the little things. Spending the afternoon picnicking in the park with a date and an eclectic mix of delectable nibbles will have you feeling like a million bucks.


As the cardinal air sign, Libra is at their best while doing anything that focuses on balance or harmony. If you and your date both enjoy being active, meeting for some yoga in the park is a surefire way to see if your energy flows jive.


Capricorns are known for being workaholics which can cause them to cut corners as far as their romantic lives are concerned. Instead of opting for something that involves no planning, consider putting in some extra effort to arrange a cozy evening around a bonfire.


Aquarians are some of the most quirky, interesting, and spirited individuals around. Your love of imagery and words could be easily translated into a poetry reading date in the park. Ask your date to bring some of their favorite poems or excerpts from books and you're guaranteed to have a great time.

Even if you aren't someone who necessarily enjoys spending time outside, stepping out of your comfort zone can be the perfect catalyst for growth. And since the coronavirus pandemic has required everyone to make adjustments to how they live, it only makes sense that the dating process evolves too.