You'll Squeal Watching This Gemini Date 4 Astrologically Compatible Matches

Elite Daily

Craving a dose of romance with a side of astrology? Episode 5 of Star Crossed, Elite Daily’s dating astrology show, is just what you need. Every episode features one single dater who goes on mini-dates with a handful of astrologically compatible matches, and has to decide — on camera — who they’d like to see again. On the Aug. 4 episode, the pressure is on for AJ, a queer, 25-year-old writer, producer, and performer in New York City. As a Gemini, he knows he has a tendency to want to people-please, and confesses that dates tend to friend-zone him because of it. He’s hoping to find someone with whom he can establish boundaries early on, and is ready to reject dates he doesn’t feel a connection with.

First up, AJ meets Chris, a Scorpio from Long Island, New York who manages a family business and also specializes in Disney princess cosplay. Astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Elite Daily that Scorpio and Gemini can find common interests, but their egos get in the way of them clicking. AJ and Chris are genuinely interested in what the other has to say, but is it enough to forge a romantic connection?

Next up, Matt — a Libra. The two men bond over Schitt’s Creek and their Harry Potter houses (Matt’s a Ravenclaw, AJ a Hufflepuff), and AJ confesses he finds Matt charming and easy to talk to. But he also wonders if he can be enough for charismatic Matt, who he finds to be a little intimidating. On his third date, AJ meets Michael, a Pisces who recently started an acting career. Mesa says Gemini can be too energetic for “go-with-the-flow Pisces,” and on this date, that couldn’t have been more true. Even though Michael’s energy was much more introverted than AJ’s, Michael still felt like they shared a ton in common. But does AJ feel the same way?

Last but not least, AJ meets Capricorn Justice, with whom he bonds over self-improvement and shares “a very spiritual connection.” According to Mesa, Capricorn and Gemini have little in common and don’t make a great match, but this date might just prove that the stars don’t always win in the end. You’ll definitely want to see how this plays out.