Here's The Bad Relationship Habit To Work On In 2021, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Bad habits — everyone has them. It's just human nature that we all fall into the occasional pattern of behavior that is, um, let's say suboptimal. Whether it's chewing your nails, doomscrolling on your phone before bed, or hitting the snooze button a few more times than you should, these habits aren't exactly the end of the world, but they are still areas in your life where small improvements could have a significantly positive impact. The same is true in your romantic life so, naturally, everyone has a bad relationship habit to work on too.

Not sure where to start? Homing in on the areas you may be struggling in based on your zodiac can offer helpful guidance. After all, these habits might be behaviors you're already aware of and just need a little push to address, or they could be flying below your radar entirely. This is true whether you're currently very happy in your relationship and just want to get ahead of future problems, or if you're in a relationship that you recognize could use a little boost to get things back on track. With that in mind, here are the relationship habits to either ditch or avoid this year.

Aries (March 21 — April 19): Making plans for the two of you, without checking with your partner first.

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You live in the moment, Aries, and you love to say yes to life. So when opportunities come up, you RSVP yes without remembering to check in with your plus one. Sometimes that's fine and they're up for whatever activity you've signed them up for, but that's not the point. They should be looped in and have as much agency in what you two get up to as you do. In this case, practice saying “tentatively yes,” then shooting your partner a text to confirm they're into it before making commitments for you both.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20): Getting too comfy in your routine.

Taurus, you love a routine. You know what you like and are very cozy in your comfort zone. But sometimes it's good to shake things up so your relationship doesn't fall into a rut. Try takeout from a new restaurant or have a game night instead of a movie night. It doesn't mean you have to overhaul your life, just mix things up a bit to keep things exciting for you and your partner.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20): Paying more attention to your phone than your partner.

You are constantly seeking mental stimulation, Gemini, so it's easy to get sucked into your phone. Whether that's reading the headlines, scrolling social media, or chatting with your friends, before you know it you've spent hours with your eyes glued to the screen. The problem is, the more time you spend looking at your phone, the less you're connecting with your partner. Put down the phone a bit more and focus some of that famous Gemini curiosity on the one you love most.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22): Spending too much time together.

Cancer, you are ride-or-die for the one you love. It's not easy to earn your heart, but when someone does, you love hard. That's a beautiful quality, but it's also easy to get so caught up in your partner that you forget the rest of the world. Don't let your other relationships with friends and family slide because you spend all your time shacked up with your partner.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22): Posting every little thing about your relationship on social media.

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You love your partner and, of course, you want to show that off. It also doesn't hurt that all those couple goals photos earn you a whole bunch of likes. But sometimes when you're so focused on documenting your relationship to the world, you can forget to just be in the moment enjoying the reality of that connection. Also, it's important to pay attention to signs that your partner has social media photo fatigue. No one wants to feel like they're performing their relationship for an audience more than they are being in one.

Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22): Being overly critical of your partner.

Virgo, you have very high standards and you can't help but want the people in your life to live up to their greatest potential. This is a very positive ideal. However, no one enjoys being constantly criticized, no matter how constructive it is. Focus on the areas where your partner excels and make sure to heap as much praise on them as you offer suggestions on how they can improve.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22) Avoiding important discussions.

You're a natural peacemaker. You value harmony and just want everyone to get along so life can be fun, breezy, and beautiful. Most of the time that's a lofty goal, unless it's keeping you from speaking up about important things to avoid conflict. That's a recipe for resentment and disappointment, as your partner can't read your mind. It's also a very effective way to feel taken advantage of. So bite the bullet and speak up. It may feel uncomfortable in the moment, but it's the only way to have true balance in your relationship.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21): Making assumptions about your partner.

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You're one of the most loyal signs in all the zodiac, and naturally you want the same from the people you love. But chances are that people have fallen short of your expectations in the past, and that has made it hard to trust and give others the benefit of the doubt. With that comes a habit of making assumptions about what people are thinking or doing without taking the time to ask questions and hear them out. While this comes from a place of self-protection, it makes it even harder for you to trust someone if you're presupposing bad behavior without even giving them a chance to explain what's really on their minds.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21): Forgetting to respond to your partner's texts.

You're a free spirit, Sag. You love to come and go as you please and follow your bliss wherever it takes you. While there's nothing wrong with this, it can also make you a bit distracted — to the point where you regularly forget to text your partner back. Is this ringing any bells? Has your SO mentioned something about how you're not responding to their messages? Listen to them, since no matter how benign it may feel to you, it likely feels like disrespect and disinterest to them.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19): Not prioritizing intimacy.

We get it, Capricorn, you're busy. It's not easy being the best at what you do and achieving every goal you set out for yourself. Chances are at the end of the day you're also really tired, and the last thing you're thinking about when your head hits the pillow is getting it on. But don't forget to prioritize intimacy. If you need to put it in your day planner, so be it.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18): Not actively listening.

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You've always got something on your mind. You're whip-smart, creative, kind, and function on your own wavelength. All these traits are what make you so uniquely you. The problem is that you get so caught up in your own thoughts, you check out a bit mentally when your partner is speaking with you. Instead of fully engaging, you just sort of verbally nod along. Everyone does this sometimes, but when it becomes a regular thing your partner will feel as though you just aren't that interested in what they have to say — or them — despite how you really feel.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20): Not speaking up about things that bother you.

Pisces, you're such an emotionally generous soul. You're highly intuitive and can interpret both how and why your partner feels the way they do. But that is a rare gift, so you can't expect your partner to be able to easily reciprocate that. If you're feeling like something's bothering you, it's important to speak up. You've got every right to have your needs met and your feelings validated, but that can't happen if your partner doesn't know what you need or how you feel.

Breaking bad habits can be a real challenge, but when you succeed you can actually feel your connection with your partner improve. It’s all so worth it.

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