Here’s how to visit Joe Biden’s ‘Animal Crossing’ island, because anyone can.

Joe Biden Has An ‘Animal Crossing’ Island & Anyone Can Visit It With This Code

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The presidential election is less than a month away, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign found a new way to reach voters. While it might be unconventional, Biden's campaign has a new virtual field office on an island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and anyone can visit. Bust out your Nintendo Switch, because here's how to visit Joe Biden's Animal Crossing island.

The island debuted on the platform on Friday, Oct. 16, and basically, it's full of campaign items to get you fired up to vote. Per The Verge, the island is called "BidenHQ." If you've been playing AC: New Horizons for months now, then you know the drill, but if you're new to the game and have yet to visit an island, you'll need to complete these basic steps first. First, you'll need to go to any bed in your house and climb in. Then, select “Yeah, I want to sleep" from the options. After sleeping, Luna will appear, and she'll give you the option to visit someone's dreams (aka their island). Tap the option that says "I want to dream." Then, you'll need to enter the dream code for Biden's campaign island. Biden HQ's Dream Code is DA-7286-5710-7478.

You'll arrive on the island's square, which features a town hall flag that says “Team Joe,” and you'll also see campaign flyers on the streets of the island. From the square, go to the Biden campaign's house, which is a virtual field office. Inside, you'll find desks with computers, flyers, and an overall vibe of an election rush. Other rooms to explore include a merchandise store full of Biden-Harris tees and posters and a train room full of model trains. Upstairs there is an office for Biden and one for his running mate, vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

Biden Campaign

Fans have been tweeting out pictures of their island visits, so you can get a sneak peek:

Once you're done checking out the house, you can go to a polling location, which is an outside area with booths, an ad for the Democratic National Committee’s “I Will Vote” website, and an Election Day checklist.

Wandering around the island, you'll find so many photo ops thanks to the meticulous construction. You can also catch a virtual Biden walking around the island, who says, "No malarkey!" if you talk to him. You'll find Biden-Harris signs in every yard on the island, which officially launched in the game on Sept. 1. Another sign you'll see around the island is one that prompts you to text "AC" to 30330. When you do, you'll get a Biden Island-themed shirt to use in-game.

If you don't have a Nintendo Switch, you can still see the island thanks to a stream from the KindaFunny Twitch channel. The channel did a live stream tour on Oct. 16, and you can watch it here.