Here's how to use "What are you?" Instagram accounts.

Find Out "Which Harry Styles You Are" With IG Accounts Matching People's Names With Pics

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The latest viral trend on Instagram is telling users which dog, cat, or Harry Styles they are. If you've seen the "What are you?" images flooding your friends' Stories, you may be wondering what they mean and how it all works. Well, wonder no more, because here's how you can use "What are you?" Instagram accounts to get in on the fun.

The "What "Fill-In-The-Blank" are you?" accounts started heating up the weekend of Friday, July 10, with the accounts gaining hundreds — and sometimes thousands — of followers in a very short amount of time. Most of the popular "What are you?" accounts were created the week of Monday, July 6, with the bulk created on Thursday, July 9, according to Instagram.

The premise of the trend is to find out how your personality translates to a photo of an animal, person, or image based simply on your first name. It's unclear how the accounts choose which picture matches a name, but it's likely randomized. When you look at the grids of these accounts, you'll see squares filled with seemingly random pictures with an overlay text of a name to go with it. Elite Daily reached out to popular "What are you?" accounts for clarification on the process, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

To find your photo match, you should first check if an account has already done a post with your name. To find your name, you can scroll through an account's posts to see if it's there. Scrolling may feel like too much work. If it does, you may be able to find out which images you are by searching your name on Instagram, such as typing #amanda. This may bring up several "What are you?" posts across different accounts. When I typed in #amanda, I found a post from @youasaparrot, @what_mood_you_are, and @which_squirrel_are_you. Other accounts offer an easier way to find your name post. One such account, @what_frog_you_are, asks that you search through a spreadsheet of its posts to find your name, instead of sending a DM request first. The @which_squirrel_are_you account also makes it easier with featured Stories on its page for different letters of the alphabet. Each Story showcases its posts with names that start with those letters.

If you do find an image that has your name, you shouldn't reach out for a new one via DM, since many accounts are being overloaded with requests.

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If you can't find your name, most of the "What are you?" accounts list their process in their page description and ask for a DM request with your name. Sending a DM is free, but it won't guarantee a post. Some accounts offer an expedited guarantee with a donation through Venmo or CashApp, many of which are donating funds to good causes, such as @whatdogyouare's fundraising for @royalanimalrefuge, a non-profit dog rescue. If you choose to donate, check if the account says a donation guarantees a feature or does not to avoid any confusion.

In addition to the accounts mentioned above, here are some other popular "What are you?" accounts to check:

Since the trend lit up over the past weekend, chances are you'll be able to find your name on quite a few accounts, so get scrolling.

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