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7 Best Cat Instagram Accounts To Follow For Cuteness Right Meow

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The internet was made for cats. They are basically a match made in viral heaven with their adorable floof pics and hilarious videos being sassy and sweet. If you find yourself squealing with delight and laughing nonstop at all of the feline content out there, you need to be in the know about the best cat Instagram accounts to follow in 2020 right meow.

Who wouldn't want their IG feed to be filled with cat pic after cat pic? With a few additional cat follows, you will not only start see more cats and kittens featured in your endless social media scrolling, but you'll definitely come across more hilarious content you need to share with your friends. Perhaps, you might even be inspired to start sharing some snaps you have of your own furry friend at home.

Just like every cat has their own personality, each one of these seven cat Instagram accounts can offer you something different. There are cats to follow for their adventures, and cats who will make you drop everything and LOL. There are Insta cats that are meant to be on the cover of a chic magazine, and some you wish you could pet so badly. Whatever cat you're looking to friend, you can find them on Instagram for a fur real fun follow.

@_bonjour_marie Is A Scottish Fold Lady

If you're a big fan of Taylor Swift's Scottish Fold cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, you'll also fall head over heels for Scottish Fold kitten, Marie (@_bonjour_marie). Marie's owner tells Elite Daily that she's named after Marie from Disney's The Aristocats, and you can see the resemblance in her piano videos and when they're standing side-by-side.

@plumpycats Are Four Adorable British Shorthair Cats

With Plumpy Cats (@plumpycats), you get four adorable British Shorthair cats for the price of one Instagram follow. There's no greater deal, and you'll absolutely fall in love with Lily, Maple, Dahlia, and Honey. The best is when you see the cats together on their adventures or simply chilling at home.

03 For Daily Golden British Shorthair Content

Maple the golden British Shorthair ( knows the importance of keeping his followers up-to-date. Not only will you see adorable pictures of Maple, but the sweetest Instagram videos as well.

@aurorapurr For Regal Ragdoll Cat Snaps

According to Princess Aurora's (@aurorapurr) Instagram bio, she's "the world's most royal cat," and there's no doubt that's true. This regal blue bicolor Ragdoll cat knows how to keep things classy and wear a crown. If you're looking for the latest in cat fashion, this is the account for you... complete with pink hats and feather boas.

@lyo.thecat For An Adventurous And Adorable Cat

Follow Lyo the cat (lyo.thecat) for his outdoor adventures and stunning pictures. Live vicariously through Lyo as he explores the woods and snowy mountains. It will not only feed your wanderlust, but you'll start wishing you had an adorable blue-eyed kitten as a travel partner, too.

@ladytomhanks_cat For A Siberian With A Lot Of Cattitude

For a good LOL, follow Lady Tom Hanks (@ladytomhanks_cat). This fluffy Siberian cat has a lot of cattitude, and you can see that in the silly way she catnaps and her hilarious facial expressions.

@bambamthesiberian For The Fluffiest Cat Snaps

For the ultimate floof content, you need to follow Bam Bam (@bambamthesiberian). This adorable Siberian kitten at times looks like one adorable fluff ball that you just want to cuddle with nonstop. Not only will you see some seriously sweet snaps of Bam Bam lounging at home, but also on his outdoor cat walks.

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