9 Casual Pickup Lines To Try At The Dog Park That Are Too Woofing Good

You've probably heard a million times that you can meet someone at a bar or on a dating app or even at a friend's dinner party. But if that still hasn't led to sparks, you might be looking for fresher ideas. A creative place to meet a potential crush is — drumroll please — a dog park. A dog park is a great place to meet someone because you both have something very personal in common: your four-legged best friend. Here's how to talk to someone at a dog park, because it's admittedly difficult to flirt with someone when you're outside in broad daylight, keeping an eye on your dog, and maybe holding a bag of poop.

The best thing to do is to greet the person casually before trying anything flirty. This is to make sure you don't make someone uncomfortable and avoidant. Time is on your side because chances are they're just watching their dog run around without anyone else to talk to. Just try introducing yourself or complimenting their dog. After you've been talking for a little while, any of the following pickup lines could work super well!

Hit them with a classic.

Saying a very clichéd pickup line in a bar doesn't usually go over very well because it could seem like you're not trying very hard. However, when you're in an unusual setting like a dog park, it might just work. You have humor on your side here because it is very likely that they do frequent the park because they have to walk their dog. This specific line could work as a greeting to break the ice and start a conversation.

  • "Do you come here often?"
  • "Have we met before?"
  • "Some weather we're having, huh?"
Get a little playful.

If you've been talking to a cutie for a while, and you're feeling a spark, consider trying this line on them. It's pretty ambitious but if the person you've been chatting with has been giving you flirtatious vibes. What do you have to lose?

  • "We should schedule a playdate some time, but, like, not for our dogs."
  • "We should go on a walk some time, and bringing the dogs is optional."
  • "OK, so, like, how good are you at fetch?"
Introduce yourself to their dog.

Nothing makes its way into the heart of a dog owner faster than getting along with their furry best friend. To pull off this pickup line, introduce yourself and then ask to pet their dog. Once you have pet the dog for a little while, use the following lines. When the owner says something like, "Oh, thank you," respond by saying, "Oh, I was talking to your dog." If they don't quite catch the compliment feel free to add "about you" to the statement. It will hopefully make the owner blush like crazy.

  • "Wow he's so cute, you are so lucky."
  • "I can't believe how nice she is! What a keeper!"
  • "I'd love to go for a walk with you."

Flirting with someone at the dog park can sound super scary because it's not the usual landscape for pick-up lines or making plans for dates. However, that's honestly what is so great about it! Meeting someone special isn't limited to certain places and if you really feel a spark you should chase it, like, well, a dog chasing a car.

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