Puppy Love: Why Women With Dogs Are More Likely To Land A Relationship

Anyone with a four-legged friend can tell you having a dog is basically a one-way ticket to relationship island.

Think about it this way: How many times have you swiped right on someone's Tinder profile because they were cuddled up next to a fuzzy pup-pup? Let's face it, ladies, dogs are kind of kryptonite for us.

The same goes for the other gender: Men with dogs (and babies!) are scientifically more attractive to women.

In an effort to share the love, here are several realizations I've made ever since my doggie became my wing woman. This is why women with dogs are more likely to land a relationship.

People will approach you all the time.

From dog park hotties striking up conversations to random pedestrians engaging you at a red light, it's nonstop action when you leave your house.

Good luck walking an entire block without someone cooing over your furry friend or bending down to pet them.

In fact, according to Dog's Trust, over 85% of people think you're more approachable when you have a puppy in tow. With those puppy eyes, can you blame them?

If a guy already wanted to approach you but wasn't sure how, this is the perfect excuse.

Your dog does the talking for you.

You might not have the cojones to talk to that cutie with a pit bull - but your dog does. Your fluffy friend will beeline over to that other dog with zero regard for who is on the other end of the leash.

Just hope it's someone you're into.

You get to hang with a new crowd.

You know how in video games, you have to unlock all sorts of new locations for your character to travel to? It's the same with having a dog.

The dog park. The pet store. The groomer. The dog-friendly bar around the corner. All of those places are crawling with other dog owners -- otherwise known as prime dating fodder.

You're forced to go out.

Dogs aren't meant to be cooped up. You'll be walking Fido at least a couple of times each day, which forces you to physically be outside.

Sorry, ladies, but no matter how much time you spend on OkCupid or Tinder, it's way more fun to meet a guy the old-fashioned way like a casual run-in outside of Starbucks.

You'll be more active.

According to a 2006 Canadian study, dog owners spend an average of 300 minutes a week walking, while non-dog owners spend only 168. Dog owners are more likely to partake in moderate physical activity, which means you'll have a bod that's ready to sweat elsewhere.

Take it to the next level by taking your pooch on a jog or hike. You'll be exposed to a whole new group of people and your wagging friend will love the exercise.

You have a conversation starter.

Fact: Pet owners love talking about their fur babies. Chances are, if you mention you have a dog to other people in your office, they're bound to start chatting you up about the best way to house-train, the best brand of flea medication and the weird stuff Fido did last night.

Expect plenty of puppy playdate offers -- just hope that at least one of them is from the guy in accounting.

You know how to be caring.

It's basically science that when you look at a dog, you immediately want to take care of them. According to Austrian zoologist Konrad Lorenz, dog faces have an infant schema, meaning that the moment you look at a puppy, you want to treat them like a baby and "parent" them.

As with a baby, not all realize the necessary parenting skills being a puppy mom requires. From cleaning up pee and poop to learning about patience and respect, you quickly develop skills that you can apply to a future relationship.