Here's how to save your Snapchat 2020 Year in Review Story before it's gone.

Here's Why You'll Want To Save Your Snapchat Year In Review Story ASAP

Courtesy of Snapchat

It's surreal to finally be closing the book on 2020, but it’s almost over, and Snapchat’s Year In Review is here. To look back on everything you snapped during #quar and beyond, you’ll need to head to Snapchat before the annual summary video disappears. If you need a refresher on saving these special Stories to your Memories, here’s how to save your Snapchat 2020 Year in Review Story.

If you haven't found your Year in Review yet, you'll need to start there. To find it, open Snapchat and go to the Snapchat Camera. Then, tap the photo gallery icon to the left of the shutter button, which will take you to Memories. Once in your Memories section, you should see “A Look Back at 2020” at the very top of the "Snaps" tab. If you don’t see it, there’s a chance you didn't get one for 2020 because you didn’t save enough Snaps to your Memories.

If you do have the 2020 Year in Review Story, saving it is a cinch — and a must. The Story won't be around forever unless you take action.

Here’s How To Save Snapchat’s 2020 Year In Review

  1. Play your Story first if you haven’t done so. If you want to make any changes, you can edit whatever you'd like.
  2. After you’ve played through your Story, find the icon in the bottom left corner of your Story icon that says "Save." Tap on it to save. (It's a simple but necessary step.)
  3. Once it’s saved, you’ll see it in your Stories section of your Memories.

After you've saved it for yourself, don't forget you can share it with your crew in a few simple taps. From the same "Snaps" tab, tap the three dots in the top right corner of your “A Look Back at 2020” Story. Then, you'll see the option that says "Send Story." Tap the blue arrow icon there and you can choose to share your Year in Review with a specific friend, group, or to your Story.

You can also choose to share it publicly in Snapchat's "Spotlight" section. There are plenty of ways to get your Story out there, and once you've saved your 2020 Year in Review, you can look back on it whenever you want.