Here's why you might not have Snapchat's 2020 Year in Review Story.

Here's Why You Might Not Have Snapchat's 2020 Year In Review Story

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Now that we're just weeks away from closing the chapter on 2020, it's time to head to Snapchat to take a look back on what was undeniably a tumultuous year. If you checked out the year-end feature last December, you might be wondering why you don't have Snapchat's 2020 Year in Review Story. Unfortunately, you might have to wait until next year (and change some of your Snapping habits) if you don't see it yet.

While the beginning of this new decade might have started out like any other, the global coronavirus pandemic soon had people heading into lockdown all around the world. To relive your quarantine baking habits or take a look back at your pre-pandemic vacations, you'll be able to access your review the same way as last year.

Starting Thursday, Dec. 17, Snapchat users will start to see the year-end video appear in their Memories section and, if they want, they'll be able to share it with their followers. Unfortunately, if you don't see a Year in Review Story, that means that you didn't create or save enough Snaps in Memories from the past year for Snapchat to make a video. Since Snapchat creates the review by piecing together all the videos and photos you saved to your Memories from Jan. 1, 2020 on, whether or not you have a review story is completely dependent on if the app had enough material to create one for you.

To double check if you have one, you'll first want to update your app, and then open up your Snapchat app to Snapchat's Camera. From there, go to the Memories section by tapping the "photos" icon to the left of the shutter button. There, at the top of the "Snaps" section, you should be able to see a Story titled "A Look Back at 2020" if you have the review.

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This year, your Story, which will only be available for a limited time, will be organized based on saved snaps highlighting places you've visited, friends you've hung out with, and things you've done, giving you a better idea of some of your 2020 highlights.

If you don't see your Year in Review Story right away, you might want to keep checking back as the feature is only starting its rollout on Dec. 17. If you're out of luck this year, you can still check out other peoples' videos and start upping your Snap game in preparation for the 2021 review Story.