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It's So Easy To Share More Than 1 Picture In An Instagram Story

by Daffany Chan
DeFodi Images/DeFodi Images/Getty Images

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to share some disappearing memories with all your followers. But if you've ever tried to add more than one photo on your Instagram Story, you may have run into some trouble. Thankfully, there are a few simple features in the app that you can use to share multiple photos at once. If you're ready to impress your followers with some cool snaps, here's how to put two pictures in one Instagram Story.

You're probably not used to sharing more than one photo using multiple Stories, but putting two pics in one post will totally take your IG game to the next level. Depending on your preferences, there are three features you can use to add photos to an Instagram Story: layout, stickers, and photobooth. All you'll need to do is find the specific feature you'd like to use in the app, and then follow a few simple steps. Check out these features you can use to create your next post with multiple photos.


One way to post multiple photos is through Instagram's in-app Layout feature, which allows you to create collages of up to six photos using pre-built templates. Once you've opened the IG app, you'll want to select layout at the bottom of the page. From there, you'll be able to either fill the template by taking new photos or selecting photos from your camera roll.


One of the simplest ways to share multiple pictures on one Instagram Story is through stickers. All you'll need to do is open your Instagram app, select your Stories to create a new one, and then choose which photo you'd like to have as the main photo. Afterwards, select the stickers and tap on the sticker which has an ocean in the background along with a white design of a mountain and moon. You'll be able to adjust the photos to sizes and directions using your fingers.


Another way to get multiple photos in one Story is through the Photobooth feature, which allows you to take four pictures and put them together into a stop-motion video. To use the feature, you'll need to open your Instagram app and tap Stories, then select "Photobooth" from the features list on the left- hand side of the screen. You can then tap the record button where you'll be able to take a series of photos. After you're done shooting your pictures, you can add video effects by tapping the Photobooth feature button at the top of the video preview. Once you've selected a video effect, you can then tap "Done" in the upper right hand corner and share it as a Story.