6 Ways To Manifest True Love In Your Life, According To Experts

There's something about cuffing season, colder weather, and the fast-approaching holidays that makes it easy to tune in to my favorite romance movies. Between those classic films, the recent release of Netflix's Dumplin' and the contagious onscreen chemistry of Chidi and Eleanor in The Good Place, true love is on my mind. The thing is... I want to experience true love like this IRL, too. In order to make my daydreams a reality, I asked some brilliant experts how to manifest true love into my life. Trina Leckie, breakup coach and host of the podcast breakup BOOST, and life coach Nina Rubin have shared some powerful tips for making room in your life for love.

When it comes to looking for new relationships, these experts stress that you deserve nothing but the best when it comes to your love life. According to Leckie, when you're single, it's essential to put yourself first, care for yourself, and reflect on what you want in future relationships. When you feel ready to look for love, Rubin has explained that it's important to nurture all aspects of your life with what you want in mind. For instance, if you're ready to look for love, consider telling friends and family what you want. This could help normalize a very vulnerable desire and increase your confidence on the subject. If you're interested in making room in your life for love, consider trying the following tips from Leckie and Rubin.

Clear Some Space In Your Life, Literally

"When you feel good about your surroundings, you have more positive thoughts and feel more in control of your life," says Leckie. She recommends that the first step to manifesting something in your life is being very intentional about your physical space.

This means cleaning, organizing, and clearing areas like your home, car, office, and even your purse. She explains that clearing your spaces up makes room for what you want in the future. She adds, "You need to feel good to believe that good things, such as love, can come into your life." Feeling good about the spaces you inhabit is a great start.

Do A Creative Activity To Map Out What You Want

To manifest something into your life, Rubin suggests that you must have a clear and fully developed idea of what you want. Rubin asks, "What would this partnership ideally look like for you?" In order to find the path towards your ideal relationship, it's important to answer that question for yourself first.

To do this, she recommends that you sit down and do something creative that helps you identify what you want from your true love. Some projects for visualization that Leckie recommends you try include the following.

  • Make a vision board by collaging images, scenes from movies, quotes, poems, and colorful objects that inspire you.
  • Journal about what you want from a partner and what you're looking for when it comes to love.
  • Write out a narrative of an ideal day in the future.
Practice Gratitude And Mindfulness

"You will want to show gratitude every day for everything you already have," says Leckie. When it comes to manifesting something truly wonderful like love, it helps to examine your present. Leckie recommends that you practice gratefulness every day.

By doing this, she explains that you are taking the time to resonate good energy into your current life. This can help to invite more things that are similar to the aspects of your life you are taking the time to appreciate. "Live in the present and be grateful for the present moment," she says. Leckie explains that by being grateful and believing in your worthiness of good things, you are more likely to notice opportunities for even more good things (or people) to come your way.

Look At The Wonderful Things You Bring To A Relationship

"You can make a list of what you bring to a relationship," Rubin says. By appreciating yourself and paying attention to the great things you have to offer, you will feel more worthy when relationship opportunities arise. Leckie explains that by recognizing your value and worth, you also are less likely to settle for someone who is selfish or toxic. By believing you are worthy of true love, you can make it a reality.

Practice Self-Care Rituals Reguarly

Another way to manifest true love into your life, according to Rubin, is to take time to practice self-care rituals. She often recommends clients to lean into their femininity and rituals associated with grooming or care. For instance, brushing your hair, doing a skin-care routine, painting your nails, or applying makeup can be really healing practices. Consider picking one to do regularly as a ritual honoring yourself.

Planning a weekly candlelit bath with Epsom salts can not only be relaxing, and it can also make you feel recharged and glowing. According to Rubin, doing these things won't automatically make someone fall for you, but caring for yourself can make sure you are feeling recharged and healthy. When you feel your best, you project a positive energy that's truly contagious.

Visualize What You Want

Visualization is a powerful tool. "Spend a few minutes each day (ideally before you fall asleep) visualizing how it would feel to have that ideal life. This would include where you are, who you are with, what you are doing," says Leckie. She recommends that you practice something like this to solidify what it is that you're looking for and accept the fact that you deserve it. "You have to believe that this can become your reality. If you don’t believe that it is possible, you won’t manifest it. You have to be dedicated to developing a positive mindset in all areas of your life," she says.

Taking the steps to really believe in your worthiness of true love and attempting to manifest it for yourself is pretty powerful. I'm both excited for and proud of you! If you do any of the above steps, you're also on a path towards an amazing amount of self-love. Which, TBH, is also a true love in and of itself.