Instagram's 2020 Prediction Filter will spice up your selfies

Find Out Your Future With Instagram's 2020 Prediction Filter

by Daffany Chan
Jennifer A Smith/Moment/Getty Images

Instagram users are obsessed with a new filter that'll have you ringin' in the new year with a bang. Similar to the filter that tells you which Disney character you are, the 2020 Prediction filter forecasts your future. It's a little difficult to find right away, though, so here's how to get the Instagram 2020 Prediction filter to spice up your Story this season.

You've probably seen the viral filter on Instagram recently. Created by Instagram user @filippo.soccini, It's a fun way to show off predictions for 2020 to your friends. It starts with a card that says "In 2020 I will be," and then randomly choose an adjective to describe how the year will go for you. There are twelve possible predictions: Married, Watching Netflix, Reading a Book, Dead, Smiling, Poor, Rich, Hungry, Sad, Happy, Single, or A Winner. Now, can a filter really predict what's actually going to happen in your life? Probably not. Is it a fun way to waste time while you procrastinate putting away holiday decorations? That's a hard "yes."Give the filter a try for yourself and see if your "fortune" really comes true for you this year.

Get The Prediction Filter From The Creator

  1. To try it out yourself, you'll first want to make sure you have the latest update of the app on your smartphone, otherwise you won't be able to use it.
  2. Search for the filter creator's Instagram's page @filippo.soccini.
  3. Go to the Highlights on the page, and tap "2020 Predictions."
  4. Tap "try it" at the bottom of your phone screen, and it will open to the filter.
  5. Press and hold down the record button in the Instagram Camera to land on your own prediction, which you can then save and share with your followers.

If you'd like to use the filter again, just tap on "Save This Effect" where it says "2020 Predictions" when you have the filter open. Then, you can access it whenever you'd like from Instagram's in-app camera. You can also access the filter anytime you come across it in someone's Story. All you need to do is tap where it says "2020 predictions by filippo.soccini" at the top. Finally, you can have someone send it to you if they already have it saved to their phone. So, there are plenty of ways to get your 2020 fortune told.

Instagram/Filippo Soccini

There are also other filters you can use to jazz up your photos this year. For instance, Instagram's Disney filter will randomly choose a Disney character and display it above your head as *your* character. So, what are you waiting for, kick off the new decade with some of the funnest IG Stories yet.