McDonald's is offering a limited drop of its Crispy Chicken Sandwich on Feb. 23.

You Can Get An Early Taste Of McDonald's New Chicken Sandwich & Score Exclusive Merch

Courtesy of McDonald's

Ever since McDonald's announced its plans to re-enter the chicken sandwich wars with the drop of three tasty offerings, fans have been counting down to the release of the Golden Arches' new crispy chicken sandwiches on Feb. 24. With the highly-anticipated drop just around the corner, McDonald's is giving some people the chance to try the sandwich one day in advance. If you want a tasty preview, here’s how to get McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich early on Feb. 23.

One day before the Crispy Chicken Sandwich makes it debut on Feb. 24, Mickey D's will be launching a limited-edition capsule of the new menu item. To secure a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich at your closest participating McDonald's location, you'll need to head to starting Feb. 18 at noon ET to enter your name in the running. While supplies last, you'll be able to pay $5 to lock in a sandwich at the McDonald's of your choice on Feb. 23. The capsule also includes a themed hoodie and a track from Tay Keith that pay homage to the new sammie.

Unlike the McChicken, which is served on a toasted wheat bun and is topped with mayonnaise and shredded iceberg lettuce on a thinner crispy chicken fillet, the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich features a juicy, all-white meat fillet covered in a new crispy breading formula, crinkle-cut pickles, and a buttered potato roll. It's also available to order as a spicy version made with Spicy Pepper Sauce or as a deluxe version, which is topped with shredded lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and mayo instead of the pickles.

Courtesy of McDonald's

Unfortunately, there are only 1,000 exclusive capsules available, so there's a chance they'll sell out on Feb. 23. However, rest assured you'll be able to head to your local Mickey D's on Feb. 24 and grab a Crispy Chicken Sandwich by ordering it for carry-out in-store or on the McDonald’s app, McDelivery, or drive-thru.

When ordering your sandwich, you might want to consider opting for drive-thru or delivery in keeping with the coronavirus safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for deliveries and takeout as of Dec. 31 to minimize your exposure to people. If you go inside the store to pick up your order, wear a face mask at all times, practice social distancing, and wash or sanitize your hands before chowing down.

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