Here's how to get a "Which TikToker" filter on Snapchat to try it out for yourself.

Match With Your Fave TikTok Influencer With This New Snapchat Lens

YouTube/Rhia Official

Snapchat is helping you channel your inner TikTok influencer, thanks to a brand new Lens. Whether you're new to the social media platform or you've got countless TikToks under your belt, chances are that you've seen your friends and followers sharing the TikTok stars they've been matched with on the social media platform. If you're ready to get in on the fun, here's how to get a "Which TikToker" filter on Snapchat.

Since the original "Which TikToker R U?" Lens launched back in January, users have jumped on the trend by trying out the spinner for themselves and sharing whether they're Jacob Sartorius, David Dobrik, Loren Gray, JoJo Siwa, or a handful of other big Gen-Z stars you know and love. While there are a few different filters to choose from, including a few that have just pictures without the influencers' names, I'd recommend heading to Snapchat's Lens carousel and tapping on the option to "Browse Effects." Once you type in "Which TikToker," a handful of different Lens options should pop up. You can go through and pick the one that appeals to you the most depending on what aesthetic you're looking for.

From there, the Lens pretty much acts like any of Snapchat's picker features. Once you hold down the record option, the spinner will start and cycle through a number of different TikTok influencers (the exact choices will depend on the Lens that you decide to pick, but I saw a lot of the same ones popping up). Once it lands on a name, you can choose whether or not to share your result to your Story or you can close that out and keep spinning until you find a choice that you're happy with. Once you've gotten a video that you're happy with, you can choose to Snap it to individual friends or your Story in general.

IMHO, the easiest way to scroll through the different "Which TikToker" filters is by entering that phrase into the "Browse Effects" search box, but you can also find it by searching usernames like Chris Higa, Nick Jackson, and Natalie Suto to find their individual versions and then tapping to try them out yourself.

For Instagram users, there also appears to be an IG version called "Which TikToker R U" by user @DarinKing if you'd rather try that out there. You can also save the Snapchat versions to your device and share it on your Instagram Story if you'd like.

All of these options are currently available on Snapchat and Instagram, so get spinning and share which TikTok influencer you're vibing with.