You Could Win $10,000 Just By Creating A Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink

Courtesy of Coca-Cola Freestyle

Growing up, playing with your food was most likely a big "no-no." But, Coca-Cola Freestyle is now asking you to do exactly the opposite. In fact, the company offering a grand prize of $10,000 to the person who makes the best fountain drink combo. So, if you're down to shoot your shot, here's how to enter Coca-Cola Freestyle's "Make Your Mix" contest. Sorry, mom — I'm about to get really creative with this.

If you've never had the chance to experience one of Coca-Cola's many Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, you've been missing out. It's a giant fountain soda machine complete with a touch screen, and it allows to mix and match over 200 different soda options. Honestly, I'm not even that big on soda, but it never fails to "wow" me. Anyway, just in time for summer, Coca-Cola Freestyle is kicking things off by introducing the "Make Your Mix" contest, which encourages soda fans across the country to show off their mixology ~skillz~. Whoever makes the best combo could win up to $10,000. With 10 large on the line, it should go without saying: I'm totally in.

Luckily, entering is simple. Between June 1 and June 30, all you have to do is find a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser, and mix two or three drinks together. Then, you will be expected share it on a public Twitter or Instagram account using the hashtag #MakeYourMixContest, according to the brand. July 5 will commence the "judging phase"in which a panel of judges will come together and narrow down all submissions all the way to the top five choices by Aug. 25.

Courtesy of Coca-Cola

Next, between Aug. 25 and Nov. 10, each of the top five mixes will be made available on Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers nationwide, according to The Coca-Cola Company. So that means you'll get to taste each of the top five contenders for yourself. According to the brand, the names of each mix will include the creator's name, their hometown, and an element from their drink. After Nov. 10, the Grand Prize winner will be contingent on which fan-created mix receives the most pours by volume. It sounds like there will be a pretty tough competition, but trust me — I think you and I can both handle this.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola came out with a stellar drink combo of their own which seriously blew me away. They released a new permanent Coke flavor called Orange Vanilla, which is now available in the form of original Coke, as well as Coke Zero Sugar. The orange and vanilla give off major "creamsicle" vibes, and it tastes just like soft serve. Orange Vanilla is the company's first new flavor in over 10 years to join their official "flavor portfolio," and it definitely does not disappoint.

While "getting creative" with your food used to be totally off-limits, Coca-Cola is changing the game with their new "Make Your Mix" contest. And although entering doesn't sound too hard, coming up with the best creation of all will — hands down — be the hardest part. But don't worry, my fellow soda mixologists... we got this.