Here's how to do the #PerfectDrink coffee TikTok trend to get in on the fun.

Here's How To Do The #PerfectDrink Coffee TikTok Trend To Show Off Your Fave Sip

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Get ready to play barista because the latest TikTok trend has people making their favorite drinks for the camera. Although making your go-to sip isn't hard if it's something you do on the reg, this trend has you speed up your process to make it within the confines of a short music clip. If you're hype about sharing your fave drink and seeing how fast you can do it, here's how to do the #PerfectDrink coffee TikTok trend.

It's unclear who started the trend, but the #PerfectDrink coffee videos began hitting TikTok in early February 2021. As of publication on Tuesday, Feb. 23, the #PerfectDrink tag boasts a cool 199 million views. Each of the vids features TikTokers putting together a drink (usually a coffee-based sip) with add-ins like caramel swirls and frothed milk, all set to the song "Pierre" by Ryn Weaver, a clip that only lasts 45 seconds. That means once the song is up, so is the video. In the videos, TikTokers sing along to the song as they try to finish their creations before the time is up. If you want to put your own skills to the test, you'll need to get prepared.

Here's how to do the #PerfectDrink trend:

  1. First, make sure all your ingredients are ready to go into your sip.
  2. Then, open TikTok, and tap discover at the bottom. Type "Pierre" into the search bar, and select the 45-second clip under "Sounds" that says "Pierre" by Lyn Weaver. Finally, tap "Use This Sound."
  3. You can film your video in one of two ways: in the TikTok app or outside of the app. If you choose to film in TikTok, after tapping "Use This Sound," you'll be taken back to the camera. Toggle the bottom to 60 seconds, so you can film within the 45 seconds of the "Pierre" track. Begin filming and making your drink, and then once you're satisfied with your video, tap the checkmark on the bottom right, include any edits you want on the editing page, and the select "Next."
  4. To film outside of the app with your phone's camera, you can record your clip longer than 45 seconds and upload it to TikTok, but you'll have to choose a 45-second portion for the song. To do that, open the TikTok camera and tap "Upload" in the bottom-right corner, tap "Next," and go to "Sounds" at the bottom to put the "Pierre" track in and any edits you'd like.
  5. Before hitting post, be sure to include the #PerfectDrink hashtag.

If you have trouble completing your drink before the song ends, you may want to practice or choose a sip with fewer ingredients.

There's plenty of inspo on TikTok if you want to check it out before diving in. TikToker @kaelimaee's video features a caramel cold brew creation, or get inspired by this TikToker @thisishowwebrewit's cinnamon dolce cold foam sip.


If you need to buy ingredients for your coffee video before you begin making your #PerfectDrink TikTok video, keep in mind the coronavirus safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for errands as of Dec. 31. It's best to place a delivery or curbside pick-up order where possible. If you go out, wear a face mask, socially distance from others as much as possible, and wash or sanitize your hands after leaving the shop.

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