Here’s How To Celebrate Friendsgiving This Year, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Raise your hand if you're super pumped for Friendsgiving this year. I know I am. And the thing is, you never really know what festivities await you year to year, because every friend group celebrates so differently. Plus, if your squad is anything like mine, then that means they're always trying to one-up the celebrations each year. If you ask me, astrology always makes things more interesting, so why not figure out how to celebrate Friendsgiving based on your zodiac sign? Hey, it can't be worse than that time you guys tried to replicate Rachel's shepherd's pie from Friends, right?

Each sign in the zodiac has their own unique characteristics, which also means each sign has their own way of celebrating and partying, especially when it comes to a holiday event like Friendsgiving. So, if you're brainstorming ideas for your own get-together this year, why not turn to your star sign to show you exactly how you should gather your homies and feast your hearts out this holiday season?

I'll give you a hint: One sign will insist that Friendsgiving isn't complete without a piñata (extra points if it's a turkey piñata), while another will queue up It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown because, honestly, how can you not lounge on the couch with a full tummy (and heart) while indulging in that classic?

Keep reading to see how your zodiac sign will celebrate Friendsgiving this year. Trust me, guys — this year is going to be the best holiday yet.

Aquarius Will Throw Tradition Out The Window


A unique and inventive Aquarius chuckles at tradition, even on Thanksgiving, and will likely be looking to branch out from the usual mashed potatoes and stuffing. You can expect something totally unexpected at an Aquarius' Friendsgiving feast, like baked ziti, a delicious homemade pizza, or maybe even some quality hummus. Non-traditional Thanksgiving foods, FTW.

Pisces Will Want To Know What Everyone's Thankful For


Don't think you're going to be leaving the Friendsgiving table without saying what you're grateful for this year — that is, if a Pisces has any control over the situation. This sign is incredibly compassionate and warm, and honestly, they just want to spread all the love.

Aries Is Convinced A Gathering Isn't Complete Without A Piñata


Confident and dynamic Aries will stride into the room with a vibrant piñata in hand, filled with all kinds of delicious Turkey Day treats. Don't question it, you guys. "It'll be fun!" said every Aries ever.

Taurus Is All About The Board Games Post-Feast


After your bellies are full, and you and your squad want to wind down, Taurus will probably suggest an entertaining game of Cards Against Humanity. There's nothing like a group board game, amirite? Plus, Cards Against Humanity only gets funnier with each glass of wine you toss back.

A Gemini Will Def Have 'The Great Pumpkin' On In The Background


If you're a Gemini, you're fun, quirky, and the tiniest bit nerdy, in the best way possible. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is the center of your Friendsgiving celebration this year, and every year. What a freaking classic.

Cancer Has The DIY Stuff Covered


Cancer — aka the "mom" of the friend group — is, as always, obsessed with anything DIY. She'll be making all the Friendsgiving crafts to make sure everyone has the time of their lives. We love you, mom!

Instead Of "Friendsgiving," Leo Prefers "Brunch-Giving"


Creative Leo will probably be like, "screw dinner," and round up the gang for a decadent brunch experience instead. This, right here, is exactly why every friend group needs a Leo.

Virgo's Going Straight-Up Traditional This Year


Little miss perfectionist Virgo is sticking to traditions for Friendsgiving this year, which is incredibly cute, if you ask me. Turkey and stuffing and gravy will be abundant at this celebration, and the guests won't be able to get enough.

Libra Is Happy Regardless, As Long As They're With Friends


Laid-back Libra goes with the flow and doesn't plan much, but it all works out in the end because the friend group has come together, and that's truly all that really matters.

Scorpio Will Create Signature Cocktails For The Gang


Scorpio, your passionate, magnetic energy will inspire you to create some awesome cocktails for the gang, in hopes that you all get mildly tipsy and start spilling some weird secrets at Friendsgiving this year. You kind of need to chill a little, friend, but also, you're so much fun.

Sagittarius Will Suggest Donating Leftovers


Optimistic and joyful Sagittarius can't help but suggest that the group wraps up all of the leftovers and makes the journey to a local homeless shelter. This is why we love you, Sag. Your heart is always in the right place.

Capricorn Will Probably Want To Get Active


Did someone say flag football? Yeah, it was Capricorn. She's trying to make you get off the couch again. But hey, maybe a little outdoor fun will help soothe the inevitable Friendsgiving food baby.