Here's Why Introverts May Actually Have An Easer Time Dealing With Saturn Retrograde

It's a hectic time in the universe right now. With three different retrogrades happening at once, it can be difficult to keep everything straight. What's even more difficult is knowing how these changes in the galaxy will affect all of our unique personalities. As you may or may not have heard, Saturn is in retrograde right now (along with Jupiter and Pluto — NBD, though). Saturn rules karma, structure, rules, and where we are most insecure, according to astrologer and psychic medium, Suzie Kerr Wright. And even though all of that sounds pretty ominous, Saturn retrograde will affect introverts in a surprisingly positive way, Kerr Wright tells Elite Daily.

"For everyone in general, when Saturn changes direction, so do we," Kerr Wright says. "Retrogrades always give us a chance to slow down and reflect on what we are doing," but a Saturn retrograde in particular, she explains, will show you "that things play [out] in the universe's time, not necessarily ours." According to the astrologer, Saturn "takes care of business" (think: karma coming back around to bite people in the you-know-what), and the rest of us basically get to watch it all unfold.

"People we think got away with things 'get theirs' during a Saturn retrograde," Kerr Wright says, "and we realize we really didn't need to worry about making a fuss about it. It just worked out."

Again, I know pretty much none of that sounds positive, but Kerr Wright tells Elite Daily that Saturn retrograde is the perfect time to tie up loose ends, and in the process, do a little introspection about any mistakes you may have made in the past, and how you can be the best version of yourself moving forward.

And introverts, Kerr Wright says, tend to have a much easier time with this type of self-reflection, which means Saturn retrograde may not affect them quite as intensely.

According to the astrologer, Saturn retrograde will put everyone in a vulnerable position, encouraging feelings of self-doubt, and possibly even forcing you to confront mistakes or things about yourself that are, honestly, just kind of uncomfortable to address. Kerr Wright says introverts tend to feel a bit more at ease with this sort of raw introspection, and in fact, they may even find solace in having a chance to talk openly to friends and loved ones about it (since everyone is feeling the retrograde effects, anyway), and will likely enjoy having the opportunity to offer a helping hand wherever they can.

That being said, it's still possible for this retrograde to stir up some feelings of insecurity for introverts, according to Kerr Wright.

"Introverts need to watch out for being harder on themselves [during this time], and find compassion for any mistakes they make or what they feel," she tells Elite Daily. Being more observant of these mistakes, rather than judgmental, she says, is what will help you navigate the intensity of this retrograde. "We seem to run into our emotional and sometimes physical limitations more often during this time, so again, for everyone, not just introverts, the message is be kind to yourself first," she says.

In other words, acknowledge your inner critic, but don't drag yourself through the mud for any mistakes you may have made in the past. Retrogrades are meant to help us focus inward, Kerr Wright says, but this doesn't mean you have to look back at the past with regret or self-hatred.

According to Kerr Wright, this is a time to acknowledge that, sometimes in life, things just aren't always up to us.

Trust that "Saturn always rewards those who work hard," the psychic medium tells Elite Daily. Trust that the universe will work things out for the best.

Think of Saturn as a "grumpy grandfather," Kerr Wright says, who has the tendency to be a little on the critical side. He's not always pleasant, but his sage wisdom and dogged perseverance have always served you well in the end.