Here's How Mars In Retrograde Will Affect Introverts

You may have already heard that as of June 26, 2018, Mars has gone into retrograde. Mars — planet of action, will, aggression, desire, and all the emotion that makes us animal — clearly has a few lessons to teach us. When a planet enters retrograde, it indicates a need for reflection and redirection. When Mars moves through this orbital tailspin, the planet will begin in the sign of Aquarius and take a trip back in time to the sign of Capricorn. Here, you'll reflect on the ways you've failed to serve your heart in the past. Perhaps you kept quiet when you should have spoken up. Maybe you should have thought twice before doing something detrimental. Regardless of what this astrological phenomenon means to you, how Mars retrograde affects introverts will be the most important transformation of all.

Introverts are sensitive creatures who prefer working inwardly instead of outwardly. Vulnerable to sensory overload, too much action and not enough introspection makes them weary. However, their predilection for retreat doesn't make them passive. Rather than making moves externally and spontaneously, their impact on the world often begins deep within, gradually taking shape. While their patience has undeniable merit, sometimes life calls for a louder and more drastic reaction. There isn't always enough time for second-guessing and calculated decision-making. Too often, situations ask for a more instinctual response. During Mars retrograde, introverts will learn how to take a wider leap of faith out of their comfort zones.

Reflecting On How They Should Have Reacted In The Past

During Mars retrograde, introverts will be plunged into situations that resemble situations they've been through in the past. They'll be faced with the same set of choices. However, instead of going with the option they normally do, they'll wonder if their introverted habits produce the greatest results. Thinking back on how their inward withdrawal has contained them rather than set them free, they'll wonder about how things could have gone had they decided to handle things differently.

With a propensity for holding back and cocooning themselves in safety, an introvert plants a seed that slowly grows while an extravert might instead fearlessly embody the shape of their ideas themselves. Neither one of these paths are wrong. Sometimes life wants you to create something out of patience and nurturing. However, life also needs you to occasionally rise to the occasion and quickly erect radical change. As Mars retrograde forces introverts through transformative reflection, they'll learn how to find balance between the need for action and restraint.

A Renewed Desire To Take Action Rather Than Remain Still

After coming to terms with how their lives may be at a standstill due to their introverted tendencies, they'll be inspired to change their behavior. The process of letting go of their habits won't be easy. If an introvert gets stage fright that prevents them from speaking out against injustice, they'll have to take steps toward using their voice. If an introvert is often fearful of the unpredictable climate of the public sphere, they'll have to start leaving behind their shell at some point.

When an introvert finds themselves in a situation where they have to choose between an outward or an inward response, making a decision that scares them could leave a introvert feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or possibly regretful. However, even though these emotions are considered "negative," they're stretching an introvert's strength and giving them the muscle they need to navigate extraverted territory when needed. As long as they know that they're becoming much more multi-faceted people by facing their fears, there's no reason to evade growth.

Conquering The Fear Holds Them Back

Ultimately, an introvert will learn that many of their fears are irrational and unwarranted during Mars retrograde. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with being introverted, it's important that they do not allow introversion to rule their lives. Too often, social anxiety, a lack of confidence, and fear masks itself as introversion. It's imperative that an introvert understands where their introversion comes from; whether its from a self-assured comfort in their own skin or simply an underlying fear of the outside world.

Even introverts must occasionally leave behind their nest and explore. Even extraverts must once in a while return to that very same nest and recharge. Conquering the fear that prevent both types of people from finding balance is integral to reaching their fullest potential.