Here Is How You Can Watch The Hidden 'Jessica Jones' Season 3 Trailer On Netflix


Jessica Jones is getting extra sneaky in teasing the superhero show's third and final season, which will premiere on Netflix at the end of the week. The show's Twitter account dropped a few clues leading fans to some hidden trailers and bonus scenes from the new season, but thankfully you do not have to be an ace detective like Jessica Jones to find the goodies. Here is how fans can watch Netflix's hidden Jessica Jones Season 3 trailer and a pair of bonus scenes that introduce the new season's terrifying villain.

Previous teasers for Jessica Jones Season 3 have provided glimpses of the new threat facing Jessica in the final season: a psychopath named Gregory Sallinger. But so much about the supervillain is still unclear. To give fans a better understanding of Sallinger, the Jessica Jones Twitter account has been posting a ton of creepy video clips and messages, concluding with a photo saying that the red letters in each of the video clips posted to the account spell an important name. The final tweet in the thread instructs fans to search that name in the place where it will eventually appear. Jessica Jones fans were quick to put together that this meant to search the name "Sallinger" on Netflix.

When you do type the word "Sallinger" into Netflix, the streaming service shows an image of a red lightbulb, which leads to three brand-new videos. The first is a trailer showing that Greg Sallinger has tied Jessica Jones up and is accusing her of being a fraud. The trailer also underlies the importance of photography and red rooms in the new season, which has been made clear in all of the promo art.

The other two new videos are short scenes taken directly from the upcoming season. In the first clip, Jessica strategizes about how to take down Gregory Sallinger with her new Season 3 ally Erik Gelden, when the two enter her office to find that Sallinger has left a threatening pile of bloody money on Jessica's desk. The second clip is even shorter but way more unnerving, and shows Sallinger sitting alone in his red room staring at a mirror as he tries to perfect an emotional apology for something.

Marvel Comics fans probably already recognize the name Greg Sallinger as the name for the comic-book supervillain Foolkiller. In the comics, Sallinger took up the Foolkiller mantle from his cellmate and used a "purification gun" that disintegrates its targets to destroy anyone that he deemed to be a fool. It looks like the Jessica Jones version of the character is more specifically interested in eliminating frauds than fools, as he often refers to Jessica as a fraud.


The other newcomer to Season 3 also has a pretty shocking Marvel Comics background. Although Erik Gelden seems like he will be Jessica's ally in the new season, the character is actually a telepathic supervillain named Mind-Wave in the Marvel Comics. Perhaps Gelden will be revealed to be a surprise villain towards the end of the final season, or maybe Jessica Jones will just opt to keep the villain focus on Foolkiller and nobody else.

Jessica Jones Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on Friday, June 14.