These St. Patrick's Day Beer Alternatives Include Sweet Sips Like Lucky Charms Shots

I love celebrating St. Patrick's Day — I always have. But when I first started drinking alcohol, I refused to drink beer. I disliked the taste and I couldn't stand the smell. So every year, when I would celebrate the beer-focused holiday, I did anything I could to avoid it by picking from a selection of alcoholic alternatives. So if you're in the same boat as I once was, here are seven St. Patrick's Day drinks that aren't beer, in the event that you, too, have a strong aversion to ales.

Maybe your go-to Irish drink features a classic whiskey base, or it might be sweetened with Bailey's Irish Cream. You may simply prefer an Irish cider like Magners Irish Cider, or there's a chance you'll just end up going for a non-Irish drink that's green, staying true to the holiday's classic and festive color scheme. There really isn't a "wrong" choice to make in this situation, and shockingly, there are a ton of options that you'll be able to choose from. So if you're down to ditch beer this year, check out each and every one of these non-beer St. Patrick's Day drinks, below. Honestly, these festive AF sips look pretty darn delicious.

Irish Cream Coffee

If you're looking to stay warm, an Irish cream coffee is the way to go. Almost any Irish bar will be able to make this classic beverage, mixing Irish whiskey, Bailey's Irish Cream, coffee, and — obviously — whipped cream. If you need a recipe, though, here's a good one.

Whiskey Ginger

A Whiskey Ginger is a classic cocktail, combining ice, ginger ale, and whiskey. It's incredibly simple to make, and since you might be able to get a free Jameson drink this St. Patrick's Day, try ordering one from your local neighborhood bar.

Magners Cider

Magners Irish Cider is delicious, and it basically fueled the majority of my study abroad experience. There's a good chance you'll find the apple-flavored goodness in the fridge at your local Irish pub, but just in case, here's a brand locator so you can see where to buy it.

Lucky Charms Shots

Odds are you'll have to make your own Lucky Charms shots at home this year. But they're cute, festive, and they honestly look delicious. Definitely worth the effort, if you ask me.

Irish Cream Hot Chocolate

Coffee haters, listen up. Irish Cream Hot Chocolate is the sweeter alternative to Irish Cream Coffee, blending Irish whiskey, Baileys, and whipped cream with hot chocolate, per Food 52, and honestly, it's so good. None of you are too "adult" for this glorious combination.

Green Jello Shots

If you don't mind lime flavoring (or green apple, if you're feeling fancy), go for green jello shots. Chances are they'll be selling these at your local bar, but they're also pretty easy to make. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.


While margaritas may be a Mexican staple as opposed to Irish, they're green — and in my eyes — that makes them totally St. Patrick's Day appropriate. You can order them anywhere, but check out this simple marg recipe if you're celebrating from at home.

Even though beer is a typical St. Patrick's Day staple, there are so many festive alcoholic alternatives. Between mixed drinks, shots, and hot beverages, you'll have a super wide selection, and there's no doubt in my mind you'll have a blast. As the Irish say, "Sláinte."