Lucky Charms Shots Are Here Just In Time For Your St. Patrick's Day Party

by Tessa Harvey

Hopefully you've got big plans for this St. Patrick's Day. Whether it's hanging out with your BFFs, heading to a parade with your St. Pat's Day garb, or pubbing it with green beer and corned beef (if you're 21 and up, and like to celebrate), it's time to get this party started. What's one of the best ways to make the best of this incredibly green holiday, might you ask? Well, with Lucky Charms shots, of course.

Lucky Charms shots?! I know Lucky Charms might be one of your favorite breakfast cereals, but you can put a boozy spin on this delight, too. If you feel like being creative this holiday, these shots will take your celebration to the next level. Whether you prefer salty or sweet, Jell-O or creamy, we all love a good shot every now and then. If you and your buds are still looking for that perfect game plan for your St. Pat's day shenanigans, you're in luck (pun intended), because you won't do better than this.

These six recipes are fun, easy, and a blast to make — plus, they'll look super cute in your pregame pictures. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Let's get the party started with these shots.

This Is What's Waiting At The End Of The Rainbow
Delish on YouTube

OK, I just had to include these little shots for a couple of reasons. First of all, everyone knows you can't go wrong with Jell-O shots. They're a tried and true party hit for a reason. Two, the candy rainbow on the top is such a fan favorite. And three, these might the easiest, cutest shots you've ever made — just be sure to sprinkle in some Lucky Charms marshmallows on the top of the cool whip along with the gold sprinkles. They look a lot more intricate than they actually are to make, so that's a solid win.

The Cereal Milk Is The Best Part Of Breakfast, Anyway
Delish on YouTube

Calling all milk and cereal lovers, this one's for you. We all know that the cereal-infused milk is the best part of breakfast anyway, right? This drink is that recipe. We're not letting any super-sweetened deliciousness go to waste. Don't forget to strain the milk before adding the Bailey's, though.

Round up some buds, get in the kitchen, and make these gems. You won't regret it when the day comes to enjoy!

The Perfect Shot Lineup Has All The Colors Of The Rainbow
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

You'll never guess how to get the incredible vibrant colors in these shots. OK, well maybe you will — it's the Lucky Charms themselves, no food coloring necessary. Cool, right? It's the perfect party drink for your girl gang. Everyone picks a color, and no one will forget which drink is actually theirs.

Because We Want A Pot Of Gold And A Unicorn At The End Of The Rainbow
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

If you feel like being creative AF, go for these. They're fun to look at, make, and eat, so everyone wins in this scenario. Seriously, I've never seen a prettier drink, and am all for this bubblegum pink hue. This shot looks good enough to frame, so make sure to snap a few pictures with them before they're all gone.

The Shamrock Shot That Will Brighten Up Your Day
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

These super creamy shamrock shooters are the perfect combination of Lucky Charms and green, minty, St. Pat's day perfection. Go all-out or take it easy with Lucky Charms and whipped cream on top — you get to decide. Just don't let it sit too long — no one likes soggy cereal!

A Sweet Treat For Even Sweeter Friends
Wilton on YouTube

Seriously, I saw milkshake and immediately knew I wanted to try this recipe. What can make a shot even better? Chocolate and whipped cream, obviously.

These shots have a green and white chocolate mold and a vanilla ice cream and Irish cream interior. They definitely take some effort and planning, but the final result makes it so, so worth it. Top it with Lucky Charms cereal, and it's all ready to go. Now, who wants one?