Heather Rae Young & Tarek El Moussa's Astrological Compatibility Is Rough

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some celeb couples like to keep their relationship on the low-down, but that's not really Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa's style. The Selling Sunset real estate agent and HGTV star aren't at all shy about making their love for each other known, and just one look at their social media pages will tell you they're smitten AF. That's why I was surprised to learn Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa's astrological compatibility is... um, not great. They may be neighbors on the zodiac wheel, but having birthdays a month apart can make a big difference, guys.

Young was born on Sept. 16, which makes her a meticulous Virgo. El Moussa's birthday falls on Aug. 21, making him a spontaneous Leo. The good news: Virgos and Leos tend to work well together in a professional capacity. The bad news: These two rarely work well as a couple. Both signs are known for their rationality and mental strength, but they typically struggle to form a strong emotional or sexual bond with each other. Virgos are modest and constantly second-guess themselves, whereas loud-and-proud Leos rarely feel self-doubt. Few zodiac signs are as different as these two, and no, this isn't an instance where opposites attract.

For Virgos, nerves are a way of life, and they can't help but worry about everything and everyone around them. During a June 2020 interview with Fox News, Young spoke about how much she loves being a "bonus mom" to El Moussa's two kids, even though the responsibility has added more stress to her life. "I do worry a lot more," she said. "I'm a worrier and I always worry about the kids! I've never felt this sense of worry like making sure they're always OK." There's probably a reason why Young sticks to a strict vegan diet and was so eager for El Moussa to propose — Virgos like having control, and when things are out of their control, they can't help but feel uneasy.

Though Virgos desire the stability and reliability of a long-term relationship, they don't necessarily depend on romantic relationships to feel fulfilled. Virgos are incredibly hard workers, and what makes them feel most satisfied is achieving their goals and feeling useful to others. When asked by Playboy in May 2020 how she got into real estate, Young said her good people skills definitely helped. "I studied my a** off, I passed the test, and then within my first three months of doing real estate, I sold a $7.2 million house and a $1.5 million condo," she added. Young doesn't need that maiden tattoo on her wrist to make it clear she's a Virgo through and through.

Unlike Virgos, who never stop fretting and fussing, Leos rarely feel stress — or, at least, they're really good at pretending things don't stress them out. The lions of the zodiac like to project total self-confidence at all times, which means appearing as though nothing fazes them. The way they do that: always going over-the-top. Remember how El Moussa bought Young a new Ferrari convertible for her birthday after two months of dating? Or how he first got her attention by honking the horn of a yacht at her? Yeah, a Virgo could never. Leos leap without looking, whereas a Virgo would still be stressing about the cost of that convertible.

Virgos and Leos do have some qualities in common. They're both amazingly generous individuals, though for Leos, their generosity can sometimes be more performative than genuine. They both value intelligence and ambition, though a Virgo's consistent self-criticism will likely make a Leo's patience wear thin. A Virgo-Leo relationship is def a challenge, but IMO, if anyone can overcome a little astrological incompatibility, it's Young and El Moussa.