People Who Have Little Sisters Know These 6 Things All Too Well

by Tessa Harvey

Little sisters are truly something else. When they're born, your whole life instantly changes. Suddenly, you go from having your own bedroom to a shared one with your new sis, and from mom and dad's only child to one of two. As you grow up, you're paired together in everything, and since you're the older one in the pack, it's on you to be your little sister's role model and give her solid advice. You do your best to help her through everything, because you've already been there, done that. Having a little sister can be a lot of work — but it's also one of the greatest gifts and best friendships you'll ever have in your life.

My sister and I are only about two years apart, but, like any sisters will tell you, two years can be a big difference. There were years when I felt like we'd never be friends. But thankfully, there have been many more when I knew I couldn't live without her. As much as we butt heads and tease each other, there's an understanding, love, and protective nature that I have for my little sister that I'm sure I'll never really have for anyone else. If you have a little sister, you've been through all six of these things time and time again.

You Know All Of Her Passwords So She Doesn't Forget Them
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Somewhere between her first email and now, you started keeping track of all of your sister's passwords for her. It's just easier that way — there's a solution for her and there's solution for you when she calls you annoyed AF that she can't get in her accounts after forgetting her passwords. Yeah, you could make her do it herself, and she'll get there eventually... but for now, this is what works.

When You Go Out For Food, You're Paying
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All the big sisters I know are nodding their heads at this one. No matter how old you get, it seems like we're always the ones treating our little sisters. It's not even like we mean to or feel like we have to — it just happens! How are little sisters so sneaky?!

You're Her Accountant And Life Advisor
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Any problem she runs into, you can be sure that you're her first call for help. Whether it's showing her how to fill out her FAFSA, helping her figure out how to budget, or decoding her latest date with her crush, you're there with an open ear and some solid advice to offer up.

You Drop Everything When She Needs You

There are only a few people in my life who I would drop anything for to help out. My sister is one of them. Almost anytime she calls, I'll answer — or at least, figure out when I can answer. When she needs a ride back home from class because it's raining, I'm her girl. When she wants to borrow my Hulu account, I have her covered. These are just part of the duties of being an awesome big sister.

If You're Missing Something, It's Probably In Her Closet
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We love our little sisters, but if something of ours has gone missing, there's a good chance we can find it in her closet. You know there's no point in asking about it — she'll deny it was ever there, but at least you know where to look.

How do little sisters always get away with these things? I really don't know. You know that if you took something, you'd never hear the end of it from her. But #bigsisterprobs, I guess.

You'll Never Have A Best Friend Quite Like Her
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Even when she's snagging your clothes, hogging your available screens on Hulu, and eating your leftovers you were looking forward to, your little sister is still your little sister. There's nothing you wouldn't do for her, and you know she loves you just as much.

As annoying as being the big sister can be at times, you really wouldn't trade if for the world. After all, she's your best friend — the kind of best friend you really won't find anywhere else.