Jennifer Lopez in Hard Rock's 2020 Super Bowl commercial

Literally Nobody Could Keep Up With J. Lo In This Hard Rock Super Bowl Ad

Hard Rock

Singing, dancing, headlining the Super Bowl halftime show — J.Lo entertains fans in so many ways. Now, add to the list: playing action hero. Jennifer Lopez's starring role in Hard Rock's 2020 Super Bowl commercial further proves Jenny from the Block can — and does — do it all.

Taking place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida (which, the ad boasts, is 20 miles from Miami, home of Super Bowl LIV), the commercial features a masked window washer snagging Lopez's "bling cup" as she prepares for her big Super Bowl performance. The thief then rappels down the hotel's guitar-shaped facade, and J.Lo, not one to ever be defeated, goes after the perp.

The commercial was directed by Michael Bay (you know, the guy famous for all those big-budget action films), and it definitely shows. Lopez chases the mystery man through the hotel's pool, spa, restaurant, and casino, all while heart-pumping music turns the drama and suspense up to 100. When she finally catches up with the cup-robber — with help from Miami music legends Pitbull and Steven Van Zandt along the way — she pulls off his ski gear to reveal... her loving fiancé, Alex Rodriguez.

Hard Rock

Except... it isn't actually him. Right after the big reveal, the real A-Rod walks up behind J.Lo, letting her know she's running late for the Super Bowl. So, who's the cup thief? After a slightly disturbing, Scooby Doo-style mask removal, it turns out to be a very flustered-looking DJ Khaled. "Man, Google me," he exclaims to the security detail pulling him away from J.Lo. "She knows who I am!"

A very confused Lopez snatches back her bedazzled cup, telling Khaled she has to go, running away while he calls out to her, "We the best." As Lopez heads out to snatch everyone's wigs at the halftime show, Pitbull gets another cameo moment, sweetly telling her, "It's your night, mami. Miami's yours." If you were able to catch her performance with her daughter Emme, Shakira, Bad Bunny, and J. Balvin, you know Pitbull was right.

Check out the full Hard Rock commercial below: