Hannah G. Reveals The Secret To Making Her Relationship With Dylan Work

If Bachelor in Paradise gave out an award for “least dramatic couple,” that title might go to Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour. Sure, they had some initial tension as Godwin chose between Barbour and Blake Horstmann, but once she decided what her heart wanted, there was no turning back. The couple were pretty much inseparable on the show, and unsurprisingly, they left the beach engaged. Now, Hannah Godwin's quote about communicating with Dylan Barbour shows that their relationship takes work, but they know how to overcome difficulty together.

Godwin spoke to Elite Daily on Sept. 19 at an event for Kensie, the women’s clothing brand she represents. When asked about what makes her relationship with Barbour work, she explains that honest, open communication is the key. “Communication has been the most important part from beginning to end,” Godwin says. “And in any relationship, just focusing on expressing how you feel, and if that's good things, that's good. And if it's not so good things, then it's also good to talk about those too." Viewers will remember a few conversations between Barbour and Godwin about the status of their relationship on the show, where they were forced to work through their feelings as BiP came to a close. Ultimately, they decided they wanted to spend their lives together and got engaged.

Now, Godwin is moving across the country to be closer to her fiancé. "I'm moving to California, and I'm so excited,” she tells Elite Daily. “It's much closer to everything than Alabama is. Even though I love Alabama — it's my roots — but I'm really excited to be in California. There's all the fashion there, there's Dylan, there's a beach nearby." After months of having to keep their relationship private, Godwin is excited for her future with Barbour. And what does that future look like? "Just continuing to support each other in every aspect of life, which is career but also going on this crazy path together,” she explains. “In the past year, both of our lives have changed. And [we’re] just really supporting each other and being there for each other."

It’s definitely been a whirlwind year for Godwin. She was a runner-up on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, which aired in spring on 2019, then she went on to look for love in Paradise — and ultimately found her happy ending with Barbour. "In the past year, I've learned my strength. I always kind of let people define what I should think or who I should be. I feel like it also aligns with the Kensie campaign, which is being powerful and finding that power from within,” Godwin tells Elite Daily, referring to the brand’s #MakePrettyPowerful campaign. “And I've learned that I'm way tougher than I ever gave myself credit for."

Godwin and Barbour are undoubtedly one of the sweetest couples from the franchise, and fans are excited to see them share their love publicly on social media. While there’s no confirmed wedding date yet, these two are clearly enjoying every moment of their time together. Their commitment to sincere communication helped them survive the drama of Paradise, and hopefully it can also help them keep their relationship strong outside the Bachelor bubble.