Hannah Brown's First Impression Of Tyler Cameron Was So Unexpected

ABC/John Fleenor

More than a month after posting their first YouTube vid together, Bachelor Nation's fave will-they-won't-they couple is back to spill more tea with a second installment. The video — which was posted on Nov. 10 and entitled "OUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS & PET PEEVES" — revealed Hannah Brown's first impression of Tyler Cameron, and now I understand why Cameron didn't get that coveted first impression rose. After Brown and Cameron were joined by fellow Bachelorette alum Dustin Kendrick, Brown shared what she really thought when Cameron stepped out of that limo for the first time. "I just thought he was a player," Cameron said of Brown. "He didn't even have a chance before he got out of the limo." Oof. Harsh.

In the video, Brown claimed she'd "never told anybody" about her unfavorable first impression, so she must have forgotten about her first one-on-one date with Cameron in Episode 4. During the date, Brown got candid with Cameron and confessed, "I honestly feel so bad because I was a little... wasn't sure about you. To be completely blunt, I thought you were a little player and I was like, 'Hmm, OK, why are you here?' and it really did make me want to put a wall up with you." But their one-on-one date changed her mind.

Tyler Cameron on YouTube

Fortunately, Cameron doesn't seem bitter about her snap judgement. As he jokingly told Brown during the Nov. 10 video, Brown's initial reservations just made him work harder to win her over. "She came in ready to mess me up," he said. "I was already two points behind everybody." And unsurprisingly, his first impression of Brown was much more flattering. "I mean, she was killing [it] in that dress," he continued. "She looked amazing." Sadly, he didn't get as much face-time that first night as he'd hoped. "I never got to see her that night. I was trying," he recalled, adding, "There was one clock there and I was standing by the clock. Every 30 minutes I was trying again."

During their first YouTube video together — which was posted on Oct. 6 and entitled "THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP" — the two opened up about their experience quarantining together during the coronavirus pandemic. Though they initially had fun with their crew, they confessed they were both in a bad place and the fun eventually ended. Brown shared they're now focused on "trying to be cool being friends," and Cameron said he's "super stoked" with their relationship right now.

NGL, I'd still like these two to give their romance another shot, but I'm just glad Cameron was able to convince Brown to give him a chance in the first place.