Hannah & Tyler's Body Language In Their New Video Is Revealing

by Candice Jalili

Um, have you had a chance to check out Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron's body language in their new video? ICYMI: The video was posted on YouTube by Cameron on Oct. 6 and is v dramatically titled, "THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP." I'll get into what they say in a sec, but, for now I'd like to take a second to look into what their bodies were saying throughout the video.

Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence took a look at the video and had some interesting takeaways. "I think they're good friends," Brown says, adding she "thought there were a couple of spots where they would have kissed if they were romantic." But, alas, none of those maybe-kisses ever came to fruition, which seems to confirm they really are just friends. Brown points out they were even able to discuss Brown's sex life without flinching. "They were talking about Hannah's sex life, which didn't seem to change anything between them," she says. "So, yes. They're close." As in, close friends.

All in all, Brown concluded that she's "getting a best friends, they know everything about one another vibe." I guess I'm kind of... happy? I mean, obvi I'd love them to be a couple. But best friends seems like the next best option.

Watch the whole video for yourself here:

What they were actually saying in the video seemed to echo a similar sentiment. The two explained why Brown spent so much time with Cameron and his friends back in April. Apparently, they were leaning each other as Brown dealt with her brother's overdose and Cameron dealt with his mother's death.

"We were kind of leaning on each other. We were both going through things, and were kind of like each other's support system all of a sudden," Cameron explained. "You of course have your family there, but it's always nice to have someone to lean on as well."

Brown agreed, saying her attendance at his mom's funeral brought them "really close emotionally." She added, "I wanted to get away from my own trauma so I would say that I traded Tyler's trauma for mine. I also wanted to be there for you."

Cameron appreciated Brown's presence at the funeral and, as a result, invited her to come back out to quarantine with his pals. Cue: The Quarantine Crew.

Originally, Cameron was thinking the shut down would only be a "few days" and thought he could take the time to "see what it is" between himself and Brown. But, because he was in a "bad place," he didn't want them to be intimate.

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"I made a rule. I'm not hooking up, I'm not doing nothing because I don't want you to go away, and I go away and then we're like, ‘Oh, I don't feel that' and we're upset again at each other," he explained. "We got upset with each other anyways."

While things wound up ending poorly, it started out as a good thing for Cameron. "You were able to bring light to a really dark time," Cameron told Brown. "It was needed."

For her part, Brown was rightfully feeling a little weird about the whole thing. "I'm at my ex's house with all of his friends," she said of her circumstances at the time. "I'm like I don't know where I fit. And I think I did a good job of like trying to be okay with the situation that I was in but for me like I was internally freaking out."

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Cameron added, "I was in a hurt place, you were in a hurt place, we have a tough past. We've gone through a lot together and this was our first time really hanging out. I just wanted to work on it being a friendship. So if we stepped away and got away from each other and we wanted more, we could always go get more."

Finally, Brown got over being there and wound up hitching a ride back to Alabama with someone from her hometown. "By that time I was so —like I wasn't very nice that day," she shared, adding to Cameron, "You were definitely not nice that day."

Luckily, the two seem to be in a better place now. Brown shared they're now focused on "trying to be cool being friends." And Cameron is "super stoked" with their relationship right now.

Honestly, I have to say that, whether or not they're dating, it seems like these two have something majorly special.