Halsey’s Zodiac Sign Makes Her An Easygoing, Romantic Partner

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Halsey is kicking off 2021 in style by dropping her pregnancy news on IG with the caption “Surprise!” accompanied by an adorable baby bump pic. Iconic — and also very Libra, which is Halsey’s zodiac sign. Fans are overjoyed at her exciting announcement, but also curious about who the lucky dad might be. After all, Halsey hasn't confirmed that she's dating anyone. There could be a pretty big clue as to who she's sharing this experience within the comments of her announcement post. Los Angeles-based writer and producer Alev Aydin, whom Halsey's recently been spotted hanging out with, commented, "Heart so full, I love you, sweetness." To which Halsey's responded: "I love you!!!!! And I love this mini human already!" Very interesting.

While fans will have to wait for Halsey to confirm her potential relationship status with Aydin, we can get some insight into how Halsey is a partner based on her zodiac sign. Halsey was born Sept. 29, 1994, under the sign of Libra. Unlike the other air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, Libra is much more eager to be in a relationship. Libra is represented by the scales because they're constantly seeking balance and harmony, and one way to achieve that is to find their other half. They're also ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, so they have a huge romantic streak and love to be swept off their feet by their partner. Here's what else we can surmise about Halsey as a partner based on what we know about her zodiac sign.

They put their partners' needs first.

Libras are very emotionally generous partners. They care deeply about the people they love and will do just about anything to be there for them. They're highly intuitive, so they're very tuned into their lovers' needs and do their best to anticipate them. Libras are also very affectionate and loving, and aren't afraid to show how they feel both in their words and actions.

They expect the same care and respect in return.

As loving and loyal as Libras can be, they expect the same in return. It comes back to their need for balance. They'll give and give, but if someone takes from them without returning that same level of love and affection, Libra will grow resentful over time. They loathe arguing, so they tend to bottle up their feelings until they reach a breaking point instead of communicating what's on their mind. As such, it’s important to return their love with gestures both large and small.

They avoid conflict as much as possible.

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Libras are upbeat and optimistic. They'd really just prefer if everyone could get along. They don't pick fights and they don't like drama. They're very clear about what's fair (in their minds, anyway) and they won't put up with people in their lives who act counter to that.

While Libras' desire to keep things smooth and calm may make them very enjoyable to be around, that same trait can create issues in the relationship when they aren't comfortable speaking up problems they face. Instead, they keep it to themselves and allow resentment to grow. As a result, it's important they have an intuitive partner with strong communication skills.

They need a secure partner.

Libras are the social butterfly of the zodiac. They have lots of friends and love to socialize all the time. They also unintentionally flirt all the time. They can talk to just about anyone and it's hard not to love a Libra, so chances are they've plenty of secret (and not-so-secret) admirers. Naturally, this can be a struggle for partners who have a jealous streak. Libra needs a secure partner who understands their flirting is harmless and that they're a committed and loyal partner.

Libras also make for very nurturing and caring parents — so no matter what, Halsey's baby is in for a life full of love.