These Comfy Halloween Costumes From ASOS Are Scary Good & Affordable AF


I am always that girl who leaves her Halloween costume to the last minute. A few years back I wore a tie-dye shirt and called myself a hippie; the next year I wore a white button-down and was Joel Goodsen from Risky Business. Coooool. Halloween 2018 costumes from ASOS just might save me from being the lamest dressed guest at the party this year, so long as I can get my act together and remember to place my order long enough before Oct. 31. (My confidence in myself is not high.)

Does ASOS have a huge selection of head-to-toe costumes from all of your favorite movies to choose from? No, but it does offer some awesome costume classics (Cat ears! A jack-o'-lantern shirt! Monster slippers!) that can be transformed into some pretty ace and affordable looks that are perfect for the spookiest night of the year. Whether you're planning on dancing the night away at a party or handing out Butterfinger bars and Blow Pops to excited little kids, there'll be something from ASOS that will be perfect for the occasion. Peruse its best Halloween offerings below and remember that if nothing strikes your fancy, you can always get creative and concoct your own character based on its everyday items. (They carry a lot of rad yellow plaid — hello, Cher Horowitz?)

Bad To The Bone

Dressing up as your own inner calcified parts — that is, as a skeleton — is one of the most classic ways you can go for Halloween, and for good reason. It's easy, spooky, and can always be dressed up and made a bit sexy or dressed down for the comfiest look ever. The below is decidedly the former. Featuring a sheer bodysuit onto which a ribcage and arm bones have been painted, it's topped off with oversized cross earrings boasting silver skulls at their studs. It's to die for.


Rep your favorite animal (or not) from your ears all the way down to your toes. Rock the below sheer leopard bodysuit or scour ASOS' site for another one of its feline-printed offerings (it has a ton). No matter which direction you go in, you'll look purrrfect.

Harlequin, Because Harley Quinn Was So Last Year

(Did you realize that's where the joker's lover got her name from? Because before writing this piece I did not!) Anyways, this look is perfect for all you jokesters and lovers of checkers. It's simple, cool, and can be sightly altered to last you year after year.

Couch Pumpkin

If your Halloween plans entail chilling on your couch and passing out candy to adorable little Batmans, Moanas, and the like, consider this ubercomfy pumpkin costume.

Wild Thing

If you've already got a fur coat then all you need to rock this costume are the below monster slippers. I might've owned a pair just for fun as a kid and can therefore attest to their comfiness and silliness. Highly recommend.

Pretty in Pink

Because onesies are always a good idea, especially the ones in flamingo form.

Happy Halloween!