Hailey Baldwin Just Got A Super Dainty New Neck Tattoo & You'll Be So Obsessed

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I love tattoos. I have been inked a fair amount of times myself and follow a ridiculous number of tattoo artists on Instagram, always on hunt for some rad inspiration for my next piece of body art. Never did I think that Hailey Baldwin's new neck tattoo would be one such source of inspiration but here I am, lusting after now-Mrs.Bieber's tiny and uniquely-placed ink. What a world we live in!

While most of my tattoos are medium to large in size, I want my next few pieces to be decidedly smaller. I am increasingly all about the dainty, the subtle, and the cleverly placed, as I feel like the giant portrait of a woman I've named Luna on my right upper arm is plenty large and in charge for my entire body. Small, meaningful words; delicate symbols; precise line work; and anything mini therefore always catches my eye when I'm scrolling through my feed and evidently, such tattoos caught the eye of Baldwin too.

Two days ago, Jon Boy, tattoo artist to the stars, posted a photo on Instagram featuring Baldwin showing off her fresh new ink. "💎 @haileybieber#jonboytattoo#jonboyxmoxy," he captioned the photo, and once you see what the tattoo is of you'll understand why so few words were needed.

Located about an inch or two behind Baldwin's right ear along the same plain as the bottom of her earlobe, the tattoo is of a small yet extremely precise diamond. It's graphic in style, with no shading or color added, and appears to be the size of a fingernail, if not smaller. It could very easily go unnoticed, which can be important to models like Baldwin looking to book certain gigs, and is a cool alternative to equally small finger tattoos.

While no explanation for the ink has been given as of yet, might we assume it has something to do with her relatively new marriage to Justin Bieber? A more permanent diamond than the one on her left hand, if you will? I'm patiently waiting to see if Bieber will get a matching tat or if my guess behind the tattoo's meaning is totally off.

This is far from Baldwin's first tattoo. In fact, she's got nearly 20 dotted all over her body in total, from a small, almost undetectable heart on her clavicle to a star on her finger to writing on her hip and ankle and more. While she's certainly not as blatantly inked as her husband, whose entire upper body and parts of his face boast various designs, Baldwin is certainly no stranger to body art.

What do you think of Baldwin's newest addition to her lineup of brilliantly understated tattoos? According to Pinterest, the search for "throat tattoos for women" is up 671 percent for 2019. Yes, it's incredibly strange ("throat tattoos" are two words my brain would never ever think to put together) but it also means that Baldwin is right on trend with her diamond neck tattoo. A girl's best friend, indeed.