Hailey Baldwin Just Debuted New Bangs & Honestly, Rude Because Now I Want Them

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OK, I know Hailey Baldwin Bieber looks good pretty much all the time, but wow — her latest hairstyle has to be her best to date. ICYMI, Hailey Baldwin's new bangs on the cover of British Vogue are seriously giving me life, and while they weren't the real deal, girl should seriously consider a permanent chop. As much as I try to ignore it, bangs are, in fact, trending for fall, and Baldwin makes the case for them looking damn good, which as we all know, is no easy feat.

When you're on as many magazine covers as Baldwin, it makes sense to want to change up your look every now and again so the covers don't start looking repetitive. That said, Baldwin isn't super bold when it comes to her hair, and while she'll rock a ton of updos and hairstyles, she typically keeps her strands medium-to-long in length, and they're almost always blonde. That's why her choice to rock bangs on the British Vogue cover is so unexpected; believe me, though, I'm not complaining. Baldwin looks ah-mazing with a little fringe, and it's a look I wish she'd rock more often.

I mean, come on. She's serving perfect '70s realness:

New York-based hairstylist Panos Papandrianos took credit for Baldwin's new 'do, bragging on Instagram about the "Custom made fringe by moi":

Papandrianos really slayed those bangs, and based on his wording — "custom made fringe" — I'm thinking we can assume these are clip-on bang extensions. A stylist wouldn't typically refer to a haircut as something he or she "makes," but a good faux bang? Definitely worth major bragging rights.

In British Vogue's YouTube video, "Hailey Bieber Returns Home," fans can see the bangs in all their backlit glory:

British Vogue/YouTube

The perfectly imperfect hairstyle was paired with heavily freckled, minimal makeup and a boho wardrobe, topped off with a massive black hat that drew even more attention to Baldwin's light strands.

If you'd have told me I'd be jealous of bangs and a cowboy hat a few years back, I would have never believed you, but here we are:

British Vogue/YouTube

Baldwin's hair is usually pulled-back and polished, so to see her rocking a messier, more undone look for her cover shoot is honestly so refreshing. Let loose, lady!

Baldwin's Met Gala pony is a perfect example of one of her classic, slicked-back updos:

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I'd go as far as saying her signature look is the exact opposite of messy hair and bangs, so this cover no doubt pushed Baldwin out of her comfort zone:

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Of course, fans can't get enough of Baldin's look on the cover, and they made sure to let her know. "She manages to be adorable and absolutely stunning at the same time. I am in love with the softness of this shoot, and love the bangs on her!" praised one commenter on British Vogue's Instagram. "You're absolutely killing it!! this shoot is so pretty i'm so proud of," another fan wrote to Baldwin when she posted the photos on her own page. I have to agree, it's one of my favorite Hailey Baldwin covers yet — let's keep our fingers crossed Papandrianos held onto those faux bangs, because I'm thinking they need to make a comeback.