This Brand Is Creating Accessible Beauty Products To Make Applying Makeup So Much Easier

In 2019, it seems the world is finally warming up to the idea that anyone and everyone who wants to can use and enjoy makeup. It's no longer consistently marketed as something with which to mask perfections, and instead, is portrayed as products and tools with which to create, and to embrace our own natural and inner beauty. That said, while everyone should be able to use makeup, not everyone can with ease, which is why innovations like Grace Beauty’s accessible beauty products are so major, and so long overdue. Grace Beauty is a brand launching soon that's ready to make waves in the beauty industry, by helping out mobility-impaired beauty-lovers and educating the rest of us as to how our beloved beauty world can become more inclusive and accessible.

Grace Beauty don't create makeup products, but instead, add-ons and tools that make applying industry faves that much easier for anyone with disabilities or conditions that complicate mobility. Nailing winged liner or perfectly-applied mascara are hard enough tasks on their own, so when you factor in an additional complication, they can seem impossible feats. Grace Beauty is hard at work designing tools to take the difficulty out of makeup application, and based off their coming-soon creations, they're about to change the industry for the better.

"Anyone, regardless of ability, should be able to use any beauty product they want to," the brand declares on their website. "To help this cause, we’re making accessories for people with disabilities."

Grace Beauty's tools will allow users to experience "beauty independence," and their first three releases will aim to simplify mascara application. Three different grips, the Ring Grip, the Safe Grip, and the Square Grip, have been designed to attach onto standard mascara tubes, to make them easier to handle and apply with precision. The products have not yet launched, but members of the beauty community have already expressed great excitement and gratitude over these innovations, noting how "seen" the brand makes them feel.

The Ring Grip allows users to slip a finger through the ring to hold the mascara wand with ease, so there are no worries of losing grip or dropping the product:

"This is amazing. Between hEDS, arthritis, and my tremor, I’d pretty much given up most makeup," wrote one Grace Beauty follower on Instagram. "I love the idea of The Ring Grip so much because in addition to just being able to hold onto it better, I wouldn’t have worry about flinging it across the room," the user continued.

The Square Grip is a two-part tool that makes opening tricky tubes of mascara easier, thanks to a textured grip:

"I could honestly cry looking at this, when I have a flare up, there’s no way I can open a tube of mascara. This is amazing! Thank you so much!" writes one commentor of The Square Grip on Instagram. "As someone who has arthritis and ehlers danlos syndrome makeup is a passion of mine but is quite difficult sometimes," says another, adding, "The fact a brand alone would try to accommodate for people like me is beyond amazing.

Lastly, the Safe Grip is a larger grip that allows for more control, especially for anyone who has difficulty wrapping fingers around a small tube:

"I am VERY excited about this because I struggle A LOT with gripping small things so this looks like a game changer!" wrote one excited Instagram user. "I’ve been using foam hair rollers over my brushes and mascara which don’t work well, this is exactly what I need!" the user added.

In addition to the above products available for pre-order, the Grace Beauty site also features a Community page where contributers can connect with beauty-lovers who share similar struggles and experiences. As of now, this inspiring, innovative brand has only a little over a thousand followers on Instagram, so if you want to support them, throw them a follow and help spread the word about how they're improving the industry for the better.