GOT7's Jackson Got The Most Epic Shoutout From Kevin Hart On IG

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images; James Gourley/Getty Images

There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing a fan interact with their idol, even if that fan is a celebrity, too. GOT7's Jackson Wang's reaction to Kevin Hart featuring his music is priceless. The rapper, who is part of the K-Pop band GOT7, totally fanboyed over Hart on social media and I don't blame him.

On Friday, July 12, Hart uploaded a video of himself going hard in the gym. The actor displayed some serious boxing skills as he shuffled around the gym, dodging jabs from his trainer and throwing a few of his own. The fitness post served as a promotion for Hart's vitamin company VitaHustle which I'm guessing Hart needs a lot of, since he seems to be one of the busiest celebs in Hollywood. We're only a little over halfway through 2019 and he has already executive produced four projects, starred in four major motion pictures, and is currently filming the movie Fatherhood. This busy-bee life is probably how he continues to amass fans from all around the world, including one of GOT7's very own rappers Jackson Wang. So, you can imagine how pumped Wang was when he heard his track playing in the background of Hart's fitness video.

"Omg, my song? Seriously? What a day, like a dream come true," Wang wrote under the post, with some well-placed fire and prayer-hands emojis. Aww, I can feel his excitement through the screen of my phone.

To make this moment even sweeter, Hart wrote back: "Song is [four fire emojis] man!!!!!" That means he thinks it's hot, FYI.

So, what is the name of the super fire track? Well, I'm glad you asked. It's called "Oxygen" and it is actually Wang's solo single. GOT7 supports solo endeavors made by group members and I'm so glad they do. "Oxygen" is a banger, to say the least. The bumpin' bassline and bold lyrics make me want to pump some iron too. My favorite line is:

I know I might get shot but I still go though / Go hard go hard go hard in beast mode.

Hart is right, pure fire. My guess is, the Jumani: The Next Level actor might've started putting Wang's music on rotation after meeting him in February 2019. Yes, they already met in person earlier this year. Wang, who is Chinese, surprised Hart during a meeting and taught him how to celebrate Chinese New Year. In a video posted to Hart's account, Wang can be seen rushing into the room with a lion dance performer and a pig ice sculpture (because it's the Year of the Pig). Kevin looked surprised AF while Wang appears to be having the time of his life. Too funny!

Hart sweetly captioned the video, "I got a surprise visit from @jacksonwang852g7 yesterday. Gotta love him...I appreciate u man. This was dope as hell #HappyChineseNewYear."

In another video posted to Wang's Instagram, Wang teaches Hart a few essential phrases to celebrate Chinese New Year. I can tell this moment must've been truly special for Wang since his caption included the hashtag #myhero.

Honestly, I think it's only a matter of time before we get some sort of collab from these two. Maybe Wang can revive Hart's rapper persona Chocolate Droppa for a major cross music collab? Or, maybe, Wang can appear in a movie with Hart? It doesn't really matter what they do, as long as they're both in it.