Google Messed Up Its Burger Emoji By Layering The Cheese Wrong & Twitter Is Upset

The Great Burger Emoji Debate of 2017 has proven that people do, in fact, care about cheese placement on their burgers. Google's burger emoji shows cheese in the "wrong" place, and Twitter had some feelings about it over Halloweekend. I don't know about you, but I never really thought about how I prefer my burgers until this scandal hit my timeline. THE CHEESE SHOULD OBVIOUSLY GO ON TOP OF THE PATTY.

To put this little emoji snafu into perspective, pretend for a second you're at a family barbecue. There are burgers at this family BBQ! After saying hello to all your relatives, you make your way over to said burgers (you arrived hungry, duh). You grab your bun and your patty — now, where do you put the cheese? If you choose to place a slice of yellow cheese under the patty so it rests on the bottom bun, you are doing it wrong. You just are. And so is whoever designed Google's take on the "hamburger" emoji (it's technically a cheeseburger), because theirs is literally the only one that features such erroneous cheese placement. (Lettuce and tomato are more cause for debate. Some prefer tomato then lettuce atop their cheese, others prefer lettuce then tomato.) Who knew burgers were so controversial?

Google's poorly constructed burger emoji was first called out on Twitter by writer Thomas Baekdal (@baekdal). Baekdal sparked the Great Burger Emoji Debate of 2017 with the following tweet on Saturday, Oct. 28. He wrote,

I think we need to have a discussion about how Google's burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top

Baekdal's keen eye put a halt to any and all Halloweekend costume prep, because holy sh*t why did Google put the cheese on the bottom? A discussion was certainly warranted.


Some were quick to call out Apple and Google's infamous rivalry, giving a point to Apple for their burger.

Others gave a big nope to both tech companies.

The lettuce and tomato were also problematic.

To summarize: Burgers are touchy subject, y'all. It was truly a debate. While I'm not sure if a burger council exists to give an official cheeseburger assembly verdict, Google did notice the issue. The company's CEO Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) retweeted Baekdal's initial tweet with a statement on the pressing matter. Pichai wrote,

Will drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday:) if folks can agree on the correct way to do this!

Oh, that last line: "If folks can agree on the correct way to do this!" Eek. Can we agree? Emojipedia — the go-to source for all things emoji — put up a Twitter poll on Sunday, Oct. 29, to assist with Pichai's request. The emoji search engine tweeted,

Poll: help @sundarpichai out here! The correct ingredient order for burgers from top to bottom is:

According to Emojipedia's telling poll with nearly 1K votes, 55 percent of people prefer their burger ingredients as follows: lettuce, cheese, meat (aka, cheese on top of the meat). No word on whether Pichai will take Emojipedia's word for the change, but the fact that the CEO is willing to "drop everything" for the burger emoji proves his dedication.

Google competitor Apple is slated to release a slew of new food emojis later this year including a sandwich, which just might set off another ingredient layering debate. For now, I'd say Google has a bit more work to do on their emojis in general. Just look at their half-filled-yet-still-foamy pint of beer:

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