These Valentine’s Chocolates That Look Like Cupcakes Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Courtesy of Godiva

Very few things in this strange, food-driven world say "I love you" quite like chocolate does, and renowned confectionary company Godiva can wholeheartedly attest to that. The chocolate company and café chain known for its classy-as-heck Valentine's Day treats just released something electrifyingly delectable for Cupid's big day this year. Between you and me, I'm really hoping my "special someone" sees it before that second week of February. If you haven't already taken a gander at Godiva's Cupcake Inspired Chocolate Gift Box, it's one of the brand's latest and greatest releases for Valentine's Day 2019. So, if you haven't already, definitely make sure to check it out before purchasing that run-of-the-mill box of chocolates. I'm really counting on you.

In case you haven't heard, Godiva released an absolutely divine, limited edition collection of chocolate for lovers (and singles — self love FTW!), that are completely inspired by cupcakes, which — in my personal opinion — are the most romantic dessert imaginable. Each box costs $29.95 on the Godiva website, and comes with nine delectable chocolate cups. Each cup is filled with chocolate mousse, in addition to a choice between four enticing flavors, which include: White Strawberry Cupcake Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Mousse Cupcake Chocolate, Milk Coffee & Caramel, and... drumroll please... Dark Matcha Tea. WOW, please get me 100 of the Dark Matcha Tea-filled chocolate cups stat. I need some of those in my life.

Take a look at them, below. Y'all will not be disappointed.


WOW! Each and every single cupcake nestled in that intimate little box is quite literally a piece of artwork. I mean, how can anybody resist those things? To be completely honest with each and every one of you, I'm not totally sure if I can wait all the way until Valentine's Day to try these... especially that matcha-infused one in the bottom right. I mean, it's a full month away, and between you and me, I might just order a box all for myself. And no, I'm not sharing. Sorry, babes.

Maybe cupcakes aren't quite your (or your Valentine's) speed. And if that is — in fact — the case, you can still find some more "classic" V-Day treats on Godiva's website for you and your beloved partner. A few of this year's classics include the Heart Box of Chocolates for $34.95, the Teddy Bear with G Cube Truffles for $25, and, last but not least, a Valentine's Day Heart Truffle Tin for $14.95. Each of them are super nice — and let's be real — I could go for all three. Please and thank you.

Show your affection for your lover, your Galentine, your BFF, or even yourself with a box of Godiva's Cupcake Inspired chocolates. All of them look absolutely amazing, and I wouldn't put it past myself to go through an entire box in one sitting. I mean, how could anybody resist? Valentine's Day might come early in my apartment this year, and I'll be celebrating it all by myself. I can't freakin' wait.