Glossier Relaunched Their Supers Serums, & They're Double In Size But Cost The Same


Beauty nerds, get excited. A truly rad trio of products by a cult-favorite brand has received a major upgrade and it's available to shop right now. Glossier relaunched their Supers serums, which is exciting enough as is, but what makes it even better is that they're not just back, but also better than ever. The brand has seriously stepped up their game since first launching the three serums three years ago, improving both their formulas and their packaging, and is proving their commitment to simplifying skincare and beauty through straightforward products that actually work.

As explained in a press release from Glossier, the brand has been hard at work over the past few years reworking the serums to increase the percentage of key ingredients in each of them. If you're nervous about whether or not you skin will be able to handle them, don't be — Glossier ensures that they're still gentle and effective for all skin types, just like they were when they first launched. "What hasn’t changed is our goal to take the guesswork out of serums and help our customers build a routine around their skin no matter what moment they’re in," continues the release. "Think of the Supers as supplements for your face, here to help it adapt with vital nutrition."

In terms of the packaging upgrades, the most notable difference in the new bottles is their size. They're twice as big as their mini predecessors but — and here's something really exciting — they cost the exact same amount. Okay, Glossier, come through! You can buy each individual serum for $28 a pop or opt to buy The Super Pack, which includes all three, for $65. The labeling has also gotten a sleek upgrade that's more in line with the brand's current aesthetic, while the colors of the purple and peachy bottles have also been slightly altered. But now, onto the important stuff — the serums themselves.

First up is Super Pure ($28,, which is meant to be used when your skin is feeling unbalanced, oily, or like it could breakout at any second. It will help to balance and clarify your complexion thanks to the help of Niacinamide, which targets texture, and Zinc PCA, which targets impurities and reduces shine.

Super Bounce ($28, is up next, and as it's name suggests, it's all about hydration. Formulated with 2% Hyaluronic Acid Complex, which replenishes moisture, and Pro-Vitamin B5, which soothes skin, it'll leave your complexion feeling refreshed and healthy. If hangovers leave your skin feeling itchy, irritated, and desert-like, add this to your beauty cabinet stat.

Last but not least, there's Super Glow ($28, Think of it as your secret tool for achieving your brightest complexion ever. Filled with energizing and evening Magnesium and Vitamin C as well as 5% Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (a more stable form of Vitamin C), the milky emulsion will help fade your skin's dark spots and turn up the glow.

Super cool, no?