Gigi Hadid in 2019.

Gigi Shared Sweet Photos Of Zayn Holding Their Baby On Their First Christmas As Parents

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have officially marked their first Christmas as parents. After welcoming their first child together in September, the couple have largely kept their daughter (whose name hasn't been publicly announced) out of the public eye. However, fans recently got a rare glimpse of the family, and Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's 2020 Christmas pics of their baby are precious.

Hadid took to her Instagram Story to share a sweet photo of Malik holding their daughter, whose face isn't shown. The star also shared a snapshot that provided a closer look at the baby's Christmas outfit, which included a cream-colored Gucci onesie and knitted booties made to resemble Jordan sneakers.

Keeping their new addition's early life private is clearly important to the celebrity couple, which explains why these are some of the first images that fans have gotten of their baby girl, and why the couple has yet to reveal the newborn's face or name. On Thursday, Dec. 17, Hadid posted a photo of her posing in a snowy New York City street while pushing her daughter's stroller on Instagram, including the caption, "her first snow."

These Christmas pics aren't the only glimpses that fans have seen of baby Hadid-Malik celebrating a holiday for the first time. During Thanksgiving 2020, the 25-year-old supermodel's mom, Yolanda Hadid, shared a sweet photo of her daughter kissing her newborn's head with heart stickers and a sun sticker that read, "You are my sunshine."

In the following days, Hadid made a few Instagram posts featuring her daughter on her page for the first time since her birth. The first pic showed the model in a field wearing a sweatsuit, with her baby strapped to her front and facing away from the camera, followed by a series of pics of the family decorating for Christmas.

"A whole new kind of busy & tired but she's da bstie so she got Christmas decorations early," Hadid wrote in her Nov. 22 post. Another Instagram post shared on Nov. 25 featured a selfie, in which the star is cuddling with the top of the new Hadid-Malik family member's head, followed by a string of emojis.

It's unclear whether we'll learn much more about the couple's daughter until she's much older, but it certainly seems like Hadid and Malik are making their own adorable family memories in the meantime.