Gigi Hadid’s Thanksgiving 2020 photos with her baby will make you melt.

Gigi Hadid’s Mom Shared An Adorable Pic Of Gigi & Her Baby On Thanksgiving

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans got another rare glimpse of Gigi Hadid’s baby after Thanksgiving. Thanks to grandmother Yolanda Hadid, you can finally see more of the supermodel’s first child in Gigi Hadid’s Thanksgiving 2020 photos with her baby. The adorable picture features a sweet kiss and the best view of the new Hadid-Malik addition yet.

Hadid hosted a family Thanksgiving with boyfriend Zayn Malik and their close family this year. The model shared some of the details of the close-knit celebration, but the best reveal of all was the pic that her mother Yolanda captured. On her Instagram Stories on Thursday, Nov. 25, the grandmother posted a sweet picture of her daughter kissing her newborn baby's head.

Although you still can’t see Baby Hadid-Malik's face, the photo is the most revealing fans have seen yet. Yolanda included some cute heart stickers and a sun sticker that reads, "You are my sunshine." The pic shows Hadid kissing her daughter's forehead and the baby's tiny frame. A Hadid fan account on Instagram screenshotted the photo from Yolanda's Instagram Story and shared it with everyone.

The 25-year-old new mom shared some photos from the Thanksgiving celebration, detailing the quiet evening on her Instagram Stories on Friday, Nov. 27.

"We hosted," Hadid wrote alongside her festive table setting which featured ornamental corn, squash, and a paper pumpkin place setting. She also shared her Thanksgiving plate, writing, "It's not even noon and I'm already thinking about this again ... ready for leftovers."

Hadid also revealed that her mother gave her a special set of plates for the occasion. "For my first TG hosting gig my mom gave me the set of holidays plates we grew up with," she wrote.

The supermodel bought a lot of the table items from Etsy. "Wanted to support small businesses this holiday season...and share :)," she wrote, revealing that she purchased the placemats, table runner, pumpkin name cards, and napkin rings all from small businesses.

Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Hadid also posted sweet pictures with her baby on Instagram a few days before the holiday on Nov. 22. "A whole new kind of busy & tired but she’s da bestie so she got Christmas decorations early," said Hadid. The thread of photos began with a photo of her standing outside with her baby asleep in a carrier.

The first photo the couple shared of their baby was a close-up of her tiny hand, and both Malik and Hadid expressed overwhelming joy for being new parents.

Hadid and Malik still haven't shown their daughter's face in public photographs or revealed her name as of publication, but it seems the pair are slowly giving fans a better glimpse of her as the months progress. And thanks to grandma Hadid, the Thanksgiving picture is the cutest yet.