This Black Cat Wine Is The Spooky Halloween Sip You Need Right Meow

Whether you chose to spend Halloween going out to the bars with friends, watching endless spooky movies with your family, or if you're simply trying to ward off the little boy that haunts your apartment, a nice red wine is always a solid way to ring in chilly fall weather. And even though black cats are infamous for dragging bad luck with them, there's absolutely nothing superstitious about Gato Negro wine, the spooky Halloween sip you definitely need right meow. With several hauntingly delicious flavors, you'll constantly find yourself clawing for yet another glass.

Maybe you adore black cats like nothing else, or there's a chance that you can't help but quiver at the sight of them. Regardless of how you feel about 'em, though, Gato Negro is a loving feline friend that you'll want to stick around forever. According to a press release, Gato Negro wines are full-bodied and flavorful, and they hail all the way from Chile. They're widely available at several grocery stores throughout the U.S., and at less than $10 a bottle on Total Wine's website, they're spookily affordable.

While there are a wide variety of flavors on Gato Negro's website, three flavors in particular stand out for being especially perfect for fall, and most importantly, for eating candy. At a mere $4.99 per bottle for suggested retail price, you'll want to try them all again, and again, and again.

A bottle of the Gato Negro Pinot Noir tastes like a pure bottle of juicy cherries, according to the press release. Not only does it taste great with cheese, pasta, or the two of them combined, but it also pairs beautifully with all those fruity Starbursts you've been hiding under your pillow.

Gato Negro

The Gato Negro Merlot, on the other hand, is a smooth blend of blackberries, plums, and vanilla. Like "the ghost that struggles to be seen," according to the press release, it's totally underrated.

Gato Negro

Finally, the Gato Negro Cabernet Sauvignon, per the press release, tastes like a sexy combination of strawberries and chocolate. Yes, it's absolutely divine, and it's sure to bring out your inner devil.

Gato Negro

Once you've tried all the spooky Gato Negro flavors, like, several times, make sure to give Minibar's Halloween wines a shot. If you happen to be 21 years or older, you can actually get wine delivered to your door — and honestly — that's the best kind of delivery one could ask for. Depending on how ghoulish you're feeling, you can choose from Vampire Pinot Noir, Phantom Red Blend, or Spellbound Petit Syrah. There are so many options, and each is frighteningly delicious.

Regardless of how you decide to spend Halloween, kicking back with a spooky Chilean red wine from Gato Negro sounds like a pretty solid night to me. And even though letting in a black cat is often known for being unlucky, this black cat definitely brings happiness and relaxation. Indulge on a cab, pinot noir, or merlot, and make sure to pair it with your favorite candy. Sweet dreams.