A 'GOT' Season 8 Script Apparently Leaked & Major Spoilers Were Revealed

by Ani Bundel

Every season of Game of Thrones has been beset by spoilers and leaks. In the early years, it was less of a big deal, since the spoilers were sitting out there on bookshelves at your local Barnes & Noble for just $9.99 a pop (at least in paperback). But since the show has left the novels behind, the internal controls to prevent leaks have gotten more complex. And yet, the leaks gets out anyway. Once again, that may be the case as there are apparently Game Of Thrones Season 8 spoilers in the form of alleged "leaked script pages." Elite Daily reached out to HBO for a comment on the possible script leak, and the network declined to make a statement.

This is not nearly the leak of October 2016, when someone who claimed to be a part of the production went as far as blowing their NDA and leaking just about every detail of the current Season 7 scripts at that time of filming. (In the end, only one detail offered up turned out to be false, and those who know it suspect highly that it will be in Season 8 Episode 1. No, I'm not telling you what it is.)

But I'm not going to mince words here either. If — and that's a large boulder of salt-sized if I just typed right there —these alleged script pages are real, then they back up a series of claims that have once again been floating around on Reddit. Those claims are "Viserion Dies" level spoilers. So if you don't want to know, you better turn around, close out this post, flee the internet, and spend the next 24 hours obsessing over The Last Jedi's arrival. It's probably better for you anyway.

So what do the alleged script pages say?

Spoilers For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 From Here On Down

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There are four alleged script page released.

The other two are completely unrelated, and seem to come much later.

Now, in many cases we might assume that these are faked. But there's a great deal in their favor as being authentic. First of all, they were leaked from the same site that leaked Season 7 pages in the same manner, which turned out to be real. All the watermarks and blackout lines match the ones we saw on the Season 7 pages. But they could be well-done forgeries, so we cannot assume they are real until the show airs. (This was true of the Season 7 script pages as well.)

This leak also gives alleged information on how many pages per script. One page equals one minute of screentime.

  • 801: 62 pages
  • 802: 68 pages
  • 803: 71 pages
  • 804: 69 pages
  • 805: 75 pages
  • 806: 83 pages

This is in line with what HBO has said about Season 8 episodes all being longer than previous seasons.

OK, Here Are The Big Spoilers:

But more importantly, these alleged script pages bolster the claims that have been floating around Reddit as "real info from the inside" and from someone who claimed to have actually seen the scripts on a iPad. These claims were not considered credible, or provable, until these script pages turned up.

The claims that are supported:

Kings Landing is nearly destroyed by Wildfire AND BLUE dragon fire.

We know the show is currently building a King's Landing set to do live pyrotechnics. Wildfire is a CGI pyro job (or at least it was in Season 6), but Dragonfire is not. (At least in Season 7, HBO did live pyro.)

Some speculated that Dany might turn to fight Cersei after all, but if this alleged script is real, everyone has hightailed it down to King's Landing because the North basically fell already or was bypassed, and the Night King is on his way. Therefore, having it be blue dragon fire makes more sense.

The script page shows Jaime learning that Cersei is going to blow up King's Landing with wildfire rather than let it fall. Meanwhile the rest of the cast is assembling on the streets of King's Landing, with the script page showing Brienne and the Hound arriving together.

That bolsters the following claims:

Jamie kills Cersei.
The Mountain kills Jamie.
The Hound and Brienne kill The Mountain

Hamlet, Shakespeare, eat your hearts out.

There are other claims as well at that link, if you want you can click through and read them. Considering what we saw last season, they are at least plausible, but with no alleged scripts backing them, we cannot begin to know if they are real.